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Men! You can't live with 'em......

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And you can't live with em!! (and yes, I meant to say that :D)


When my man is away, I miss him. I am really missing him, and can't wait for him to come home. (Sukie - I don't know how you do it. You are one brave lady...) But I really am missing him.

I know, as soon as he gets home I am going to tell him to go play with his friends and get out from under my feet....lol.....but at least he is here for me to do that. ButI really don't do that very often.

I just find a month a very long time. 2 weeks is always a nice time - time for yourself, and time to miss them, and then its over. This has been a very long time. On week 3 now. A week and a half and he will be back.

It's sweet, he keeps saying in his emails how quiet it is at night and that he's missin me too. It feels like when
we were "dating" lol

ANyway, there is no real point to this. Just wanted to say, <sigh> I'm feeling lonesome. :wave_cry: And my neck is out again, so that doent help either!. Poo pah!! :sigh:

ANwyay - I am going to bundle up and see if a little walk up town helps.

Thanks for letting me moan. :) :eek::D
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dancing queen ;)
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awww, that's really sweet...and here is a biiiiiggg hug from me {{{BL}}}!!! And enjoy you walk :)


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Hugs BL. XX


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Aw BL - hugs to you hon. Hope the neck gets better quickly and plan a nice suprise for when hubbie back - might pass the time too. xx


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Sorry you are feeling so low - chin up and just think to the time when you see him again.
milli x
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Hi BL sorry you are feeling a little lonely !! sort of know what you mean. MrB travels with his job,and sometimes i look forward to him being away,enjoy a bit of time to myself and yet at the same time i miss him like hell and cant wait for him to be back-there's just no pleasing us is there!! I've never had to do it for more than a few days at a time thoso i dont envy you.
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hi BL
ive got the opposite problem at the moment!
my hubby usually works away all week. me and the kids have our own routines and everything ticks along really well. the weekend we cope with - i just have 4 kids to deal with instead of 3 - then we breathe a sigh of relief come monday when everything goes back to normal!
however, for the last 10 weeks hes been at home!! OMG how there hasn't been a murder committed is a miracle! Our routines all out of synch, everything is a hassle, the house is a mess, theres no food in the house, our shopping bill has gone through the roof.....

thing is, when this job comes to an end and he starts going away again i know i will miss him - think its a case of the grass is always greener for me!

yep - can't live with them - or with them lol!

not long for you now hun, keep smiling!
daisy x

Sorry you are feeling pants at the moment. I hope your neck feels better very soon. I bet it will miraculously improve when you are carried upstairs!
We missed you at the photos last night.
Hopefully the time will fly by until C is back home.
Lots of love, SB XX
At least you are over half way through his month away BL. :)

I also am used to OH being away the odd few nights and, like Daisy, have my own routine. So I say enjoy it while you can as he will be home before you know it.
Hope your neck gets better chuck. xx :)


Enjoying life!
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Aww BL, a month is a long time. You are right, we can't live with them and we can't live without them but we do like having them around even if it does mean they get under feet.

Rik rarely is away but he did go away last weekend to his parents (I was unable to go this time due to work) it was only 2 nights but I noticed him not there.

Just think of all the lovely catching up time you will have when he gets home!

Hope your neck eases up soon - that must be causing you great discomfort.

Look after you pretty lady!

Kat xx


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Hugs BL.
It is really hard - Can imagine it must feel quite lonely when your other half is missing. Love that it feels like when you were courting though at times and that you are looking for the positives in your situation.
Take it easy with your neck - don't push yourself to do everything your head is telling you needs doing.



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Hey BL hope the neck gets better :)
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Aww thanks everyone. I got to speak to him this morning, so it was great to hear his voice. And he has promised me when he gets back in to the UK, I will be in work. He is going to come to where I work before he goes home and to bed so we can kave a kiss and a cuddle. :) Otherwise, when I get home from work, he'd be in bed as he is back at work at 7am the next morning - so I wouldn;t see him till the following night. SO that made me happy.

Its nice though, after 8 years - to still miss each other like crazy - even thought we both also LOVED our independant time too....we still cant wait to be around each other again. Nice that. :)

ANyway, thanks for making me smile. Its really not all doom and gloom. I just miss my boy. :)

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I'm so with you BL - I left my boy in China last Saturday (on purpose, he was meant to stay on to work :D) and he doesn't get back until next week - and I'm missing him like mad!

However.... the house is immaculate, the Discovery TV channel hasn't seen the light of day, the ironing pile is half it's usual size, the toilet seat stays down, the lid stays on the toothpaste....Hmmmmm, I THINK I'm missing him..!! :D xxx
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LOL lucy!
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Daisy - I'm still catching up, but I've just seen your sig - you're back on the packs??!!! :eek:

I'm really surprised - but hope it's not for long, and it's going ok for you xx
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Hey BL :D

China was......Interesting!! Saw some amazing sights, but I don't think I'd go back. Sis is good, was lovely spending time with her - I'm going to the seaside to see her again this weekend too :)

Hope you're neck's doing better, and you're getting excited about your boy coming home, just like I am :D xxxx



I will do this!
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aww BL, I can imagine how hard that must be! I enjoy a bit of me time, hubby at badminton right now! But hate it when he gone on business to Amsterdam as I miss him so much so I know how you feel. Thinking of you x

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