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Mental note to self.


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Well today started really well. Fight with my 2 year old to get her to eat breakfast so that we ran late for picking my mum up to go shopping and so didn't have any breakfast myself. Also had no Hex that I could have used in the house as needed to do food shop. I managed to go till 1 without anything to eat but I was struggling by then and had popped into a couple of shops looking for something like an alpen light to have to top me up but nobody was selling them!!:eek: (I can get them in the vending machine at work). You really notice how against healthy eating the high street is when your on a diet!

I was good at lunch and had a baked pot and beans with salad But I was so hungry I could easily have eaten more. I really wanted to binge when I got home from the shops as well but was good and just heated up some left over chilli.

So my lesson from today was to ensure that I have a good stock of hex in the house for when they are needed and to make sure that I carry something in my bag with me when I go out to stop me feeling tempted by all the naughty things out there.:cool:
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Well done for not giving in ,breakfast is so important ,I have 4 kids so I know how hard mornings can be,if I have to eat on the run I take an alpen light and fruit with me ,so it would be agood idea to stock up and leave one in your handbag.
Slimming world is great that tbh you should'nt be in this situation as you can eat virtually anything ,although it is hard on the go,the 20 cals per syn rule is good for emergencies.


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On a few occasions the OH and I take fruit out just in case we get stuck, we havent always remembered but when we have its helped a lot.

frugal fifer

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:wavey:Hi fellow fifer


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That's the spirit frugal fifer!! Infact, don't even see a small 'slip up' as failure! It's too negative! See it as a small indulgence that won't count in the grand scheme of things if you get back on track as soon as you can!!X


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I keep thinking I ought to put something like Alpen lights in my car, i skip breakfast too often!


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Well done on not being tempted!! I had a similar situation last saturday and it takes a lot of will power to resist!

I always have something with me like alpen light bars, light babybels, banana, grape snack pack - things that i can carry but arent messy to eat :)



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Since Alpen Lights are quite small I always keep some in the car and in my purse for those times when I need a quick fix :)
Well done on resisting!

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