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Merry Monday Morning Madness


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Morning All,

Just thought I would start of the thread = so a new week and lets keep it a good one - for all of us. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend.

My week is manic (damn could have fitted that in the title as well!) - every day packed to the brim and still too much other stuff to do - Oh well it will keep me occupied.

Trying to get the children up for an early start. My son has an hours tennis before school - 1/2 hour away in the wrong direction - joy. Its his first Morning session and he is so excited.

I have always been agains pushing children, never been the club every day after school type of mum, but he wanted to learn, he loves it and is doing really well, so I seem to have fallen into that bracket without wanting to...oops. He had/has real confidence issues so for him to want to do it and mix with "strangers" is such a positive. Between that and their I've skating I seem to spend my time following them around. Looking forward (?) to my shoulder op at the end of the month and hopefully in a few months time I'll be able to play as well!!

Well the pesky 2 lbs that went on at the start of AAM week are now back off - thank goodness so fingers crossed another finds its way off before tomorrows mornings weigh in.

I really lost it with hubby last night. I had made some biscuits and macaroons for my little ones pre-school (we make some every week to sell at coffee morning for fund raising) and I asked him to have a bite to tell me if they were OK. He refused and told me to taste them. I was just so angry - all he has done for the last 3 weeks is cooked some of my favs and said - try this try that and when I say no he says it won't hurt you its only a bite :cry:. I so nearly said stuff you (or maybe something stronger) and put it in my mount - instead I threw it across the room - tantrum tantrum - but the dogs enjoyed it and I didn't eat it :sigh: Men hey!

Right off to pack the monsters into the car.

have a great morning - see you all later
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Morning Setas.

Sounds stressful! Guess your OH is worried about your eating. Once you're at goal, and eating three meals a day again, he'll probably feel more comfortable.

I have found that me not eating makes other people much more uncomfortable than it makes me!

Good luck with your busy week!

I have a difficult week ahead. Really struggled to stay on plan the last few days. My weightloss has slowed to almost nothing (-1lb last week, and this week looks like a STS on my home scales). Given I have 4.5st to go to get to BMI 25 I have been demoralised. 1lb a week - I could easily do that if I was eating.
Funeral up in Scotland on Friday. Very sad. Also will be away for 3days and will be expected to eat. AAM week is supposed to be next week, but I might plan to bring it forward a week so I can survive the trip (and the meals out with family) on plan. I want to stay 100%. Once I lose that I'll lose the plot I think!

Good luck to everyone starting today, or with a WI.


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morning ladies , looks like a busy week for us all stayed a 100% all weekend, the little food devil on my shoulder most of the weekend, off to playschool with little legs busy morning good luck to those weighing in have a fab day everyone :D:D:D:D:D:D:D
morning everyone :D Setas , its hard when Ohs really dont understnad how hard it is without them making it worse .. my hubby just doesnt get it and when I get upset and say i am hungry he just tells me to eat !!! grrrr
Your son sounds like he is loving the tennis , and its great to wait till they find something they enjoy rather than push them into something that they may not like .. sounds like it is going to postitivly effect his life in lots of ways :D

Jayellekay , hope the scales are kind to you , and I hope the funeral goes ok x

sasha well done staying 100 % , you must have good control over that little food devil .. they can be hard to ignore !

I have weigh in in 40 minutes and dreading it .. 2nd week on 1000 and looks like another gain .. I expected it last week , with reintroducing carbs, but surely i should keep gaining on 1000 calories ??? :cry: never going to get to goal at this rate .. and I dont want to drop back down to 810 as I am starting to try and get ready for the race for life and get fit ......:sigh: It also doesnt help that I have just finished work , so instead of sleeping all night I have been up and glugging the water ... so may show 3-4 lb heavier than normal mornings too .. and I started back on the pill last week so feeling hormonal and retaining water :/

as you may guess I am a moany moanster today !!!


please try again
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morning ladies, bright day out today again, loving this change in weather

well i still have madam at home ( teacher training day now ) so i shall be trying to keep her occupied while getting the usual chores and errands done
shes chosen to watch a movie now while she has her brekkie so its minimins and a glass of water for me, lol


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Cor I'm so bunged up today! Full of snot and crap lol but all dressed and ready to spring clean ready for my Ann summers party!! Yayy! Going to yak my babies to the park in abit aswell :)

16.9 on the scales this morning


skinny jeans-im on my way
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morning everyone,its a beautiful day here today,feel like spring has finally sprung!
well,ive got a busy day of chores,laundry and dog-walking,i bought the reebok easitone trainers a while ago and have been walking in them every day about an hour,sure my thighs are looking better.yay!
its the first day of a re-start for me,so the busier i am the better,going to read some of my beck book as well.
good luck to all weighing today,and lets get glugging our water!


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Oh my god a few stitches just fell out of me lol is that normal? It's been 5weeks!


Why Be Normal?
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I asked him to have a bite to tell me if they were OK. He refused and told me to taste them. I was just so angry - all he has done for the last 3 weeks is cooked some of my favs and said - try this try that and when I say no he says it won't hurt you its only a bite :cry:

It sounds as if he is giving a little payback. Men! Good on you for sticking to not eating.

@JK -- I already posted in your diary, but Beck really does help with the sts and even gain weeks.

@katie -- How did the weigh in go?

@Sasha -- Congrats on fighting off the demon on your shoulder.

@Kimmie -- I think you said that they weere concerned that your stitches had not come out, so maybe this is a good thing. You could call your surgery.

@Claire, I hope you enjoyed your day with DD.

My day went well: My CDC's scales show the same -1 that mine did, so that puts me at my 2010 low weight! I did Fitness Pilates followed by Zumba. The FP was difficult. I have tried three different ones now -- and no two are alike. But, they are all challenging. I have no upper body strength.

However, I've not accomplished much since the classes, so I'd better get going. DH has taken DD to her swim lesson, so I am here making dinner. I will practice my Beck "Stop Overeating" activity again tonight. I find it soooo hard to not clear my plate -- even with witnesses who know that I am supposed to leave food.

I am very greedy when it comes to food. Maybe I should be reading Bible verses about the "Sin of Greed". (Hey, it's Lent -- I tend to think in terms of faith more so at this time of year).


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