Merry Xmas!!!


nearly there!! :)
hey kaalin wasnt round when u were on rtm but hope ur doing ok.

it is so mad this time last year i was over 15st this year im under 10st flipping hell!! such a fab achievement to everyone xxxx

happy christmas everyone :) xxx


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So sorry I've not been around much, I have had the most stressful couple of months of my life! I've been teetering on the edge between sanity and insanity!

I'm doing good BL, and that's the honest truth. I'm a little obsessive with the old weight and gave myself a bit of a fright when I went into free-child a few weeks ago due to a family wedding weekend and put on 4lbs but I had to rationalise with myself and say it was a one-off with the wedding and be a little less hard on myself at such events (as long as they're not too often!). Anyway, it came off again within the week with a lot of sensible eating and it's stablised at the weight I decided to go into RTM at. The biggest issue I have currently is my exercise has gone down hill due to the shift work, xmas shopping and general life busyness etc etc. It's great to think that this new year's resolution is to "get the fitness up" as opposed to "lose weight" like it's been for god knows how many years!! Although I am very anxious about xmas and doing the same again. I am making mince pies today with my kids as that's been our xmas eve tradition and am anxious I will have one too many! This is the test of strength now isn't it?! Xmas and holidays are when most people gain a little weight, so the way I see it I shouldn't be too hard as long as I don't go OTT.

I haven't had a chance to catch up with all your postings, how are you getting on?

Catz, lovely to meet you. And well done on such a fantastic accomplishment this year!

Have a great xmas xxxx


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Hope you all had a great christmas... I've eaten more than I should this christmas but I AM in control which makes a big change from christmases past :) Hope everyone has a wonderful new year.

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Hi there Bex and Kaalin

Glad you both are doing well. I am feeling good too!

Christmas was a breeze actually. The only indulgences I allowed myself were a couple of glasses of Champagne, some dried apricots, tips dipped in chocolate, a few handfuls of nuts/trail mix and a merangue nest. And thats it - and that felt FANTASTIC!! If felt so in control, and none of it was a struggle.

I managed to resist the roast potatos and yorkshire. In fact, I traded my alotted yorkshires for my husbands glass of champagne - hehe - thats why I had 2 glasses!!

But it felt wonderful. I know I went over my calories - but it was a very high protein day, very low carb, and I felt perfect. Not stuffed at all.

Loving it!!!

Glad you too are well. :)

Happy New Year!


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Bex :D lovely to hear from you!! Glad you feel in control, I also (despite my anxieties the other day!) feel completely in control and went for a 6 mile walk yesterday and plan on doing so in the next half hour. I don't find I want the things I used to and things I do I want less! You're looking fab in your photo too! xx