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My dad has just been diagnosed with bowel cancer. He had his endoscopy on Thursday, so I slept at his because he would of been a bit woozy.

Anyhow yesterday I found a crystal by his chair, don't know where it came from, it has been missing for years. It belongs to a little mirror ornament that I had bought my nan and grandad on their 50th wedding anniversary. I thought at the time it was a bit strange and then this morning was thinking maybe it's a sign my nan and grandad are watching over my dad.
I'm going to keep that thought in my head as I find it a bit of comfort.
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Totally agree with you there. I'm a big believer of spirits and the afterlife. Have comfort they are looking over you and your family at this time.
I'm going to see Sally Morgan in a few months again. Think she's amazing. :)

I hope you find some comfort by your findings, and wish you all well x


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I agree. Letting you know she is thinking of you all. I found dozens of white feathers in the garden the day after my best friends dad died. She was so comforted. Next year there was feathers again on the anniversary.
She was feeling all alone in the world, but the feathers made her realise her dad is looking out for her.

Happy Holidays

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Yes I would see this as a sign somebody is watching over you all, and I would definately get comfort from this.

Last year around August time I read Jackie Newcombe's book (can't remember the title) & it was so interesting. We'd lost our cat in June & I was really upset, a few nights after he died I had a dream about him & in the dream I stroked him, I really felt his fur & after reading Jackie's book I realised this was Mike coming back to say goodbye.

There are so many things in her book which I can relate to, my father in law died in September & before he died he kept saying mum, & just as he passed over he opened his eyes & smiled, I know he smiled because his mum had come for him.

How does your dad feel about the crystal, have there been other signs?


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Hadn't mentioned it to dad because I just didn't click on about it, but I will be down tonight and will see what he thinks. My uncle does not believe in ghosts or anything like that but he did say it was very strange.