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Messed it all up for myself.

After looking yesterday that my weight had changed by 1.1lb and I don't know why because I have been sticking to this 100%....I stupidly let someone talk me in to eating a crumpet that I knew I shouldn't have eaten. Consequently I have STS this week.

I'm not even gonna moan about it cos I was stupid enough to eat it, and now I have been invited to a chinese buffet tomorrow...God forbid what I'm gonna eat I have no idea....I could wipe the sauce off meat or something. Not an Atkins friendly place :(

Oh well

I hope the rest of you are doing better than I am,

Good Luck this week :)

Miss Bean x
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ah, we've all been there love, you will have weeks when you gain or STS even though you are sticking to it, it's your body fighting back love. Also, have you thought about carb creep?
What's carb creep ? Thank you Jim, I probably know that my weight will go up, down, STS, round and round whatever way but you know sometimes you just want it to work. I think I feel more pressure on myself too because everyone around me doesn't believe I can eat like this and lose weight, and I am determined to prove them wrong. Obviously this result doesn't prove anything. I'm not even craving bread and things anymore so I don't know why I ate it. x
Carb creep is when we get over confident and don't really check what we are eating leading to eating more carbs than you think you are love.
I have been having problems with the maths, so I wonder if that's why. I'm gonna try and cut down on the cheese because I don't think that is helping me at all. The book has confused me a bit. He says 170g of salad veg and then 80g of other veg but then he says you can have a different amount of other veg if your salad veg doesn't reach 230g so which one do I choose...I don't know. I should probably have someone plan my meals for me or at least help me count the carbs. I feel really thick. x
LOL, you're not thick love.

I used the cup measure, basically 3 standard coffee mugs of chopped green leaf veggies a day, dead simple, never weighed anything at all.

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