Messed it up again!!

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    Im rubbish so I restarted last week and this week I've gone a bit off it and im out of ketosis :(

    I've always drunk alcohol on CD and it's never really affected my weightloss, well I got reallly drunk the other day and ended up eating :( Carbs and all! I've tried being really strict and cutting down on the shakes to like 2 a day until I get back into ketosis but im really hungry so gone back upto 4...

    Im thinking next week of asking my CDI for 2 bars and 2 shakes a day would this be allowed? I just seem to crave the chocolate and stuff my face with them!


    Thanks guys
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    First I'd like you to take a look at this thread
    I know that it probably doesn't affect your weight loss but that's not all that's at stake here....
    Alcohol also leads to disinhibition, which means that things we would normally not do, get done. (ie eating!) So there is another reason not to drink whilst on SS

    The bars thing, well, it's not really ideal, but if that's the only way that you can stay on SS then, I would be inclined to let you try with them.

    Really though, I would try very hard to stay away from the drink, until you are done with SS!

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