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Messed up again- feeling low (moan)


Still rockin' it
I am working away from home again this week - I find it so hard when I am not in control of every meal!!!!

I had 2 alpen lights in my hotel room for breakfast then realised the place I was working had no canteen at lunch. Someone offered to get me a sandwich at lunch and I asked for anything low fat (not wanting to go into red/green days with a stranger!)

They got me a low fat chicken sandwich on wholemeal which I have since checked and it was 12.5 syns!!!!! So I had messed up even when trying to do well

Had to then go to hotel restaurant on my own and cope with a million skinny people around me ordering cheesy, fried, saucy, delicious looking food while I had a jacket potato and salad. I got really p**sed off and ended up ordering the cheese board afterwards.......massive chunks of cheese, bread (which I butered!) and lovely crackers

I now feel sickly, lonely and dissapointed in myself.....I am usually upbeat but sometimes I have a real 'low' with feeling like I have been doing this forever (and STS the past 2 weeks despite staying within syns)

So sorry to moan guys!!!!! AAARRRGGGGHHHH:mad:
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Take a deep breath hun. You are human, and you had an off day. You tried to be good and it backfired. We've all done it. OK so you maybe did the wrong thing at the end of the meal, but who of us can honestly say we haven't? Try and learn from it for next time, but until then relax, chill out, tomorrow is another day.


Natt xxx


Still rockin' it
Thanks mate- I know my weakness.........negative thoughts!!!! These are so much more desructive to me than tempting food or awkward diet situations. If I allow myself to wallow in self-pity this ALWAYS happens.

The one positive was I have 4 boxes of chocolates in my car-boot as prizes for my course tomorrow--- I ALMOST went and got one, but managed to hold back lol

Hey hun, dont get down. Just get straight back on plan tomorrow and stick to it this week and im sure you will be fine.

Have you got any supermarkets near you? If so, could you not pop out and get some mug shots or cous cous that you can make in your hotel room with your kettle? At least if you do green and fill up on these you wont be as tempted come your evening meal.

Hope this helps.

Chin up and turn that frown upside down! Im sure you will get straight back on it tomorrow ;)


Still rockin' it
Have you got any supermarkets near you? If so, could you not pop out and get some mug shots or cous cous that you can make in your hotel room with your kettle? At least if you do green and fill up on these you wont be as tempted come your evening meal.
Thanks hun

The embarresing and annoying thing is I have a mahoosive bag full of alpen lights, apples, mugshots and ryvita minis in my hotel room for exactly this situation

I am officially a moron!!!!

But I HAVE turned my frown upside down and am looking pretty cute, so all is not lost in the world ;)



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This stuff happens... darn life getting in the way of being perfect! ;)

It's how you react to it and move on - that's the thing. Tough days will happen, you'll gain weight sometimes even when you're good, but just so long as you hang in there for the majority of the time, you will win!

Look at it positively - the body's a funny thing. Sometimes when you really need some particular nutrient it'll force you to reach out and have a food, even if you think it's a bit naughty. And varying up your eating routine can actually wake your metabolism up a bit, strangely enough. It thinks to itself 'crikey, cheese?!' and often seems to scoot up a bit after a few treats. Keeping your body guessing can be a good strategy for keeping the old metabolism ticking over. So don't feel bad about having a good meal and a few treats, just remember what you used to eat back in the days when food ruled you instead of vice versa.

And well done on resisting the choc lures!
I can't post easily from my phone but I just wanted to say hello...

5 stone!!! Don't be forgetting that. A battleship of cheese is a minor blip. You know your danger and tis only normal to go through these little downers. I'm glad it sounds like you've pulled yourself out of it.

Proud of you, skinny bird:D

Scarlet Daisy

Hungry For Life
Yay you - we all look so much better when we have a big grin, go on say cheeeeese :D

Probably the most appropriate thing I could say, considering the fact that I just ate enough of the stuff to sink a cruise liner!
"Say cheese?" hahahahaha! OMG, come to our lovely forum and get the benefit of our supportive atmosphere! That is hilarious. GCH, I think I love you. (And O/T "Cupid's Chokehold" is "our song" in this house.)

Cocktailprincess: I bet Iris is right and you've kick-started your metabolism. You didn't eat the chocolates, so you're awesome... You've lost SO much weight anyway, you KNOW what to do if you slip a bit. *hug*


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How do you feel this morning? Put it all behind you Honey! These temporary blips WILL happen from time to time, think of it this way, you were keeping your bones in good condition! with all that calcium.


I will succeed!!!
You're doing brilliantly - never forget that. We're all human and all make mistakes. It's a journey (as my C would say) and all journeys have ups and downs.

Don't let this beat you - you CAN DO IT!!! Hugs to you xxx


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Hey, I havn't had time to read all the replies. Hope you're feeling happier. I actually found on other diets that if I had a bad day, the next few stuck to plan and being extra good, I would actually lose a bit more the folloiwng week!! Keep positive, it was one meal, one day, its over with. And well done keeping away from the chocs!! Xx
Feel much better today, thanks guys!

Ate 2 Alpen lights for brekkie, had 2 mugshots for lunch and just drove home and hubbie had baked squash, asparagus and chicken stuffed with laughing cow and wrapped in bacon ready for my tea.

Back at home now until next week so I have a real chance of damage limitation

You really help me when I am down, guys! Hubbie just reading my replies with me and said "aren't they all lovely!?"

Yes you all are- thank you a million times



Bears dont dig on dancin'
Glad to hear you had a good day. It's funny how food can change our moods so much hey...
So you've got this week to stay 100% on plan and get yourself a loss at WI. Good luck :) Dinner sounds yum, and I'm a veggie! Lol x
Hey princess, glad you're back on track. I often have to work where there are no healthy options... possible dieting disaster....

To try and avoid this pitfall I have my "first-aid" box, a tupperware box with a mug-shot, green teabags, 2 skinny cow choc drink sachets, a hi-fi bar, packet of instant couscous... this goes in whatever handbag I have and helps a lot...


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