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Messed up...again :-((


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Crystal, try not to panic. Can you ring your CDC for advice, or for a pep-talk? You've lost 12lbs and that is something to be proud of - it's proof you can do this. CD is tough, and it looks like your head is not in the right zone at the moment... have you thought about trying 810 or 1000 plans where you can eat small meals, as that way perhaps you'd feel less deprived & maybe less prone to binge? Or check out amazon for books on tackling emotional eating/binge eating? If you have this tendency (as I do) it is not enough to diet, you need to try and work out why you can behave in self-destructive ways and come up with some tactics to help you stop. Many people swear by CBT therapy, and there's a thread on here about it too. Take a deep breath and relax a little and step away from the kitchen... you can do it. Sending a hug.



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Hi Crystal --

Katycakes is right: call your CDC or someone who can give you some support and encourangement. You've deon well so far -- and this is blip. We all have weak moments.

Have some tea, take a nice bubble bath -- you can work through this.

Hugs from me, too. MinnieMel


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Hi Crystal, no other advice than above, but hugs from me too.
You can do it, draw a line under what has been eaten and carry on. xx
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I`m really not sure you should be doing a diet as strict as CD if you`re making yourself sick if you eat :(

Personally, I would wait until your head is in the right place to try again



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Thanks girls. Haven't been posting for a while but lurking while I get my head straight. I guess you only fail when you stop crying, so even though these last few days have been bad il carry on from today. Thanks for the support.


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I agree with SS who said if you are in a binge/purge cycle the CD is NOT right for you. You need to work on developing a healthy realtionship with food and bingng and vomiting is not the way forward. CD is brilliant in lots of ways of course, but it can make someone who has a guilt complex over food a lot more ill. I am worried about you. What does your CDC say about all this? And/or your doctor?!

Please look after yourself.


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Crystal, I understand as I have binged/purged in the past. You feel bad for ruining the diet, but it's only a blip.....you just jump back on and as suggested SS+ may be better for you at the moment? You can always go down to SS once you are feeling better and more settled. x


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Thanks minirog and charley, I'm really worried about stuff, binged all day today despite wanting to start again. Sometimes I purge, sometimes I'm in a daze and don't know what I'm doing. My CDC just drops stuff off. Never see her. I just want to do this. Hate myself. Stuck home all day and food makes me feel better :-(


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Can you find a different consultant? Someone who does a proper weigh in and will check up on you each week?
I know I need that level of support.


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Hi CrystalG --

Janellekay is right... it might be a good idea to look for a different CDC. I changed CDCs and am so happy for having done it.


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