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Zoon said:
I have been ill for few weeks and today I was vomitting and I ate some toast with tea with sugar... I have spoilt it on day 2... what a loser and failure I am :break_diet:
Hey don't be so hard on yourself. You can start again when you're feeling better. If you aren't well you need to be kind to yourself.

Rae Rae

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U r NOT a failure, these things hapen,more so when u dont feel good. Tomorrow is a new day hun xx
yep tomorrow is always another day, I will pick myself up and start again... I will buy myself mineral water as I hate tap water - I think tap water makes me feel sick :(
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Hey Zoon

First of all take a deep breath and then breathe out. It's OK .. this is a learning experience and nearly all of us have had moments like this. The most important thing is not to get stuck into the cycle of beating yourself up emotionally - it gets you nowhere apart from feeling more down (and I don't know about you but that makes me want to eat).

Just accept it's happened... plan what you will do differently next time you get the "urge" and then restart immediately (why "mentally" wait until tomorrow).

Give the voice that talks negatively to you in your head a name (some of us call it our gremlin) and when it starts up tell it to f**K off quite firmly and replace it with a positive thoughts e.g. "I will fit into X in a few weeks", "I will focus on moving forward" etc

Take care
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indeed Cg, I agree with your advice, hey Zoon just accept, learn, dust off and move on, cos otherwise one is just stuck in the mistake..today is another day ..reach out to folk , maybe get a CD buddy or something,lots of options out there, just don't give up .

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I agree with the others, try not to be too hard on yourself and get back on it right away! we all have moments like this you are not a failure you are only human!! good luck hunny xx
Thank you all for your kind words, yes today has been better, not feeling sick and have plenty of mineral water ( I just can't drink tap water)

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