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Met my CDC!!

Hiya everyone!

Just had my meeting with my CDC - all went really well! Unfortunately cannot start straight away as i have to see my GP - due to my BMI being over 40....BOO HOO!! Was so looking forward to cracking on with it! Now i'm worried the GP will say NO!! Has anyone else had this happen or heard of it happening? I have no contraindicated illnesses/medications etc.......all the ticks on my medical form were NO's. Anyhoo - will contact the surgery in the morning and try and get to see a Dr tomorrow. Otherwise it will be next week ....

Hope everyone is having a good day xxx
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I had to get my form signed and stamped by my gp he did it no problem. although he did say he had patients that done lipotrim and put it all back on..he was a big negative but seemed happy that i was trying to do sumthing about weight. starting diet this weekend cant wait best of luck

Hiya KAyjay good luck with the docs tomorrow, sometimes some can be funny about it as a lot think it's another faddy diet mine was a pain in the bum but i said to her look what's orse me having a bmi of over 40 or me trying a diet that might actually work for my to be healthy so she signed it lol
Thanks Becky x

Think i'm worrying over nothing as usual!! Moved a year ago and other than registering at the surgery, have never had to go!! Other Half has to go regularly and he reassures me they're a lovely bunch!! Think i'm just mentally scarred from a horrible GP i had a few years back! :cry:

Good luck hun with your CD - hopefully i will be starting this weekend aswell!!



100% all the way!
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I would of thought your doctor would support you as your planning to lose weight..........plus you haven't got no yes's on your medical form.....so it should be fine x x x x Let's hope you can get a doctors appointment quick, because if it's any like mine yours be waiting ages! lol

Good luck
I know - i've had to set the alarm early so i'm and ready with the phone in hand!!! Apparantley my CDC said that some GPs can charge to get the form signed!!!! Not that i care at the mo - just want the thing signed!! xxx
it's also great when you go back a few months later and they're amazed at the difference!!
hi kayjay,

im not sure about paying as im in ireland maybe someone in uk will know. Im sure it will be fine my doc checked my weight and blood presure and everything aswell so was kinda like a check up to! I have been waiting nearly a week to get started!!


please try again
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i had to get a medical form signed as my bmi was 58 when i started, i also had no contraindications
took my form to the gp, he didnt need to see me, i handed it in, he read it along with the booklet information for gp's then brought it back out to me when he had signed it. i wasnt charged for it as they were happy i was tackleing my weight. hope everything goes well for you tomorrow


100% all the way!
S: 26st0lb C: 21st6lb G: 14st0lb BMI: 43 Loss: 4st8lb(17.58%)
I think that they can charge you for it, but usually as your doing something about your weight the doctor will oversee it x x x

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