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Metabolic Balance

Hi there,

it is astounding how easy it is.
I tried every diet you can think of, but MB is the first one that works for me.
As my metabolism is wrecked, all other diets had almost no effect.
This one comprises good food (you will have learned by reading the book that everyone gets his individual list of food, mine is well varied).
Unsimilar to others, I have no prob with breaks of 5 to 6 hours between the meals.
I am losing 2 kg per week and feel absolutely good.
At first, when your body is detoxing, you get a headache somethimes and you feel chilly. But this goes away after 2-3 weeks.
The best thing is that until now, I didn't have any cravings for sweet food or things which are not on my list. My former favourite sins were not so much the sweeties, but fat pizza, lots of white bread a.s.o.
I often dropped meals, but when I ate, then it was always too much at once.
Now I have my 3 meals a day with a certain amount of veggies and proteins and I am very satisfied and full. Also I am allowed to eat bread made out of rye 4 slices every day, which I find very delicious. And I found out that I like Tofu!

The goal of this diet is to turn around your metabolism so that, when you have reached goal, you can (modestly for sure) eat everything you want, and your body will know how to cope with it.

I am at the very beginning, but this time I feel that this might work for me.


sry for my English, but I am not a native speaker ;-)

You're English is great hun, nothing to apologise about :)..
Thank you very much!

I am afraid I do not know what you mean exactly by "oxidiser" - looked it up in google, but still don't have a clue :eek:
Result after 1 month MB

Hey all,
after 1 month following MB I feel really good, I do not have any problems following the plan, no craving for unhealthy food, 3 times I ate 86% chocolate and I really enjoyed it.

I have lost 15,4 lbs so far.
Last week I bought some jeans which I hoped I would fit in by middle of Dec
On the weekend I tried it on - and it fit!
I thought that with my weight, 15 lbs would be like nothing at all, but it is a dress size!
(and it is NOT a stretch trousers :D )

My old jeans trousers are falling down my a*s :silly:

:wavey: Mellow



Gold Member
Good job!
unfortunately, nobody sees my achievement so they don't believe I am losing - lol

Therefore it's no use posting progress pix yet.
17 lbs out of 280 is too little.
nothing going on at the moment, no loss since 2 weeks :cry:
still in the programme but I've never been the patient kind...
hope my body doesn't boycott my diet like it did with all other diets in the past. :sigh:
Hello my dear,

when you're doing MB, you have a fixed plan of what you are allowed to eat. Fortunately, my plan is varied and I have a great choice.
All other things are not good for my metabolism and I must not eat them.
Futher, I have a fixed plan of how much I have to eat for my 3 meals per day (in grams). Which is also enough for me, I couldn't eat more than that. So you have a fixed amount of proteins (soy milk, different meats, beans, tofu, feta cheese, fish, seafood) and a fixed amount of veggies from your list (my list is a full page, my colleague doing MB also has much less on his list :D)
A further rule is never to mix different kinds of protein in the same meal (no fish with cheese, no beans with chicken, no beef with tofu aso.)
Each meal a day you have to eat a different kind of protein.
Veggies are free to use in their combination.
In addition to my plan, I may eat full grain bread made out of rye and Wasa crisp bread, also rye (100 grams per day).

So this is a given amount of food, which I enjoy, which I can choose as I like and which is enough for me. I am not hungry for 5 or 6 hours between the meals.
In between the meals it is not allowed to eat anything for at least 5 hours, just drink still water. Some people have problem with that, I don't.
I just think m ybody needs a break now, but i am soooo impatient! ;)
Hello all,

I decided to post a picture after losing the first 36 lbs. It can be found in my public gallery.

Still a long way to go but I'm doing fine with it!
well done x

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