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Metal Gear Panda's Diary - Aim To Be Stealthy!

Hi Guys,

I have decided to do a Diary and see if that helps me any with my weight loss goal as I seem to have stuck.

So now I'm 13stone 9lbs and am attempting to get down to at least 12/11 stone ish before I even think about getting any lower (small goals I guess)

I started at 14stone 4lbs which I guess is an achievement to get down to where I am at the moment.

My problems are chocolate and takeaway meals, I can live without crisps and anything else like that, but chocolate and things like calzone's are my downfall.

So this is where my diary starts.

Tuesday 14 September

I was going to get up early this morning and have some exercise but I woke up with a thundering headache, i reckon I am getting the "chickflu" as I call it as my other half had man flu last week and I got through last week feeling fine but today I ahve a sore throat and am sneezing a lot but I wont let that deter me from my goals!

I had my weetabix for my breakfast (2 biscuits and semi-skimmed milk). Then I drove into work (no way I could walk it considering I have to take my other half into work too! and he works in a separate town to me!)

i get into work and realise I have put my top on back to front (oh yeah, I was having a good morning this morning HAH!) :p

So far I have a can of Diet Coke sitting on my desk, I have 1 ltr bottle of volvic that I am on my way to fill it up and I have a few peppermint tea bags.

I'll update later when I get home

Hope everyone has a good day!

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Well again, I have had a packet of walkers baked crisps (not as bad as normal ones) and I have had a tuna and sweetcorn sandwich on brown bread (I'm learning!)

My mood today is a bit down because i'm at work lol!

I'm now going to have my muller corner yoghurt which is I think a banana flakes one

I have zumba tonight so an hour of high intensity workout. :)
Well today I am at work again, and am feeling like death warmed up, I still managed to do Zumba last night but part of me is thinking that I probably shouldnt have, my throat is raging sore and my nose wont stop running. I feel pathetic and I was in my bed for 9pm last night sleeping by 9:15.

So I dont think I'll be doing my planned Davina Fit when I get home today, I am also planning on leaving work at 3:30 and probably going to my bed when I get home lol.

So far today food wise I've had weetabix and semi-skimmed milk for my breakfast but I felt a bit sick afterwards :(
Well here we go for another day

I'm sorry about my previous posts that have only been half done, have had a manic week at home with having the cold :(

But back at work again today, not long till Friday. I done an hour of Zumba on Tuesday night, but knackered myself and i was too tired yesterday with having the cold so I didnt do much yesterday night exercise wise but I'm back up again today and have Zumba tonight from 7-8 again.

I'm drinking water like there is nothing else to live for so hopefully that shall help, oh and peppermint tea is my friend too!

I got weighed this morning and stayed the same which was a bit of a surprise ( a happy one!) as I thought i would have put on with comfort eating due to having the cold. But mum took my measurements and I've lost half an inch round my waist! dead chuffed!

So having a full fat can of coke as a small treat, mum has left me veggies and chicken for a stir fry for mine and my other half's tea tonight so should be good :)

Well off to work I suppose

See yall later xxx
Well here again.

I am at home this time though, I've just realised that it is officially less than 6 months till I need to reach my target and I am now panicking cause I havent even lost a stone yet, I'm feeling very disheartened about it all and I feel frumpy and fat (could be that it's my time of the month and that I'm feeling ill, I have the evil cold that is going around) but that is not helping how I feel right now.

But anyway, I havent done any exercise since last Thursday as I have been in my bed no well, my heart rate was at 115 at some points during the weekend with being ill.

Didnt have that much crap to eat today but over the weekend it was bad, I think I need to ban takeaway's till I lose the weight I think v_v
Get over your cold and then pick yourself back up again. If you're ill then you're ill, make sure you eat alot of fruit and veggies but give yourself a bit of a break :)
Morning people!

Well I weighed in last night as I wouldnt be able to this morning with my mum being day shift today. It turns out I've lost about 0.5lbs! So I'm dead chuffed

And going looking for an outfit today! :D


Silver Member
Well done for the loss, that's awesome! especailly as you've been ill!
Keep up the good work and you'll deffo reach your target, no worries!
Thank you all for the support! :D

I'm into my smaller sized trousers now although they are a wee bit on the tight side but I've decided that if I wear them more often it will help motivate me (i'm odd I know!)

Well tonight I have zumba, I'm not fully over my cold yet but I'm getting there :) so feeling like I'll get the exercise machine running again this week, starting tonight then I might not stop heheh!
Hi there,

I was just reading through your diary, I'm glad to hear you are finally starting to feel better! All you can do is rest when you are ill tbh. Congrats on the 0.5 pound loss, it's a step in the right direction! Just wanted to wish you luck on your weight loss journey and keep up the good work! Takeaways are my biggest problem so I've banned them in my diet lol! It's quite hard but will be worth it in the end. Take care.
Hi Princess!!

Thanks for taking the time to read it, I know it's a bit sporadic but it's when I can fit a space in to log something, I know I should do it all the time but well, its one of those things.

Yeah the cold/virus that is going about really knocked it out of me, and i felt i Couldnt do anything, being asthmatic too didnt help much!

I'm glad i'm not alone with the takeaway situation, they are my evil devil, I can now stop chocolate and know I would be fine but see takeaway's. I dont know what it is, I just cant help myself, any excuse! and my other half is the same although he has told me that he's gonna help me and ban them :O

I got the dress i'm trying to fit into at the weekend, I was a bit upset cause I couldnt zip it up but still got six months to go! :D
Well girls, I've took a dive! I have agreed to go with a colleauge and friend at work to the gym, I have phoned and booked my induction for next Tuesday night at 6pm! Oooh I'm a wee bit intimidated, I used to go to the gym when I was younger and it didnt bother me but see now!

The girl at my work is thin although she has done the battle of the bulge and dropped from a 14 to a 8, I just want to go from a 16 to a 14 lol! But she says she will put me through my paces. I'm a wee bit nervous but know it will be for the best, so Zumba and gym time, and dvd time! go me! lol!
Oh my god, same here! Me and the other half LOVE our takeaways and got into the really bad habit of having them like 3 times a week - not good! My other half is trying to help me too but yes he finds takeaways hard too so I deffo know how you feel!

Like you said, you still have 6 months! You can do it! I was thinking of buying a nice dress as motivation, does this help? I've thought about it.. and even looked at some gorgeous dresses :) Keep up the good work!
Well here I am again, although I should post in here a bit more regularly I am struggling to find the time sometimes.

I have decided to take up going to the gym, and I had my induction yesterday, which I was quite nervous to start with but managed quite well! I had a shot on most of the machines other than the weight machines as I felt that i'll have a shot at that next time. My other half is taking up playing Ice Hockey so that will be fun to watch.

Just thought I'd post here as a girl at work has just opened a huge bar of chocolate and is rustling it in my direction and I needed a distraction lol!

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