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metrognomes food diary


is getting better at it
dont really know what i am doing or if im doing it right but i thought if i posted my menu on here each day then it might make me stick to it a bit better!

B = 4 ryvitas spread with cream cheese, grilled bacon and made into sandwhiches

L = jacket potato with coleslaw (syns) and mixed salad.

S = fresh fruit salad

D = homemade cottage pie with gravy (syns) and veggies.

am doing extra easy today

thanks anyone who reads :wavey:
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is getting better at it
new start
extra easy

Breakfast:- bacon x 2, eggs x 2, mushrooms 1 sausage (syn) baked beans.

Lunch:- ham, tomato cucumber, pickled onions, 3 pagen krisprolls. fresh fruit salad.

Dinner:- gammon,peas, cabbage, swede dry roasted spuds, yorkshire pud, and a stuffing ball and gravy(syns).

Whoops:- hot cross bun and butter
think i used about 25 syns today


is getting better at it
extra easy,

B = 2 slices toast(heb), 2 eggs tinned spaghetti
milky coffee with semi skimmed milk

L = tuna salad, lettuce,tomato,cucumber, grapes onions light mayo (2.5) syns and a slice of bread (4syns)

D = chicken curry Homepride sauce 1/4 can (4.5syns) lots of chicken and onions, homemade oven chips.

S = pineapple, grapes and plums

i think i have had a very good day today, woke up feeling very positive
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This is really the time!
That positive feeling in the morning is great, Seems like you are eating well. Well done and good luck. These diaries are a great thing to do xxx


This is really the time!
I am sure you will be fine tomorrow. Like I have said to others...put it in a jar, label it, shove it to the back of the cupboard and fill the cupboard with positive thoughts and tonnes of superfree foods lol

Good luck with getting back o plan tomorrow xxx


is getting better at it
friday 24/4/09
extra easy day.........

B = Fresh fruit salad with danone strawberry yogurt (3 syns) picked up wrong ones

L = Slices of ham with 2 ryvitas cucumber, tomatoes, pickled onions and a tbls of pickle (1) (4 ryvitas as a healthy extra but saving 2 for supper) some grapes

D = Homemade meatballs with gravy (2.5) and mash (i think other half put spread into mash so will count another 2.5 syns)

very nice day me thinks


is getting better at it
yes i lost 1.5lbs that week, i think i done well as i done the weekly total of 105 syns and counted down so the day i had the 25 syns i didnt feel as i had blown it and carry on eating if that makes any sense


is getting better at it
extra easy day......

B = 2 x bacon, in 2 slices of toast (he b)

L = ham and beetroot salad with cucumber and homemade dressing
fruity jelly slice

D = chicken curry made with sharwoods sauce 1/4 jar (8.5)
homemade oven chips, and morrisons naan bread (12.5)

lots of syns but well worth it for a change and a lot less than an indian takeaway


Gold Member
Your menus look fab Karen im going to try EE this week i reckon i lost 0.5lb today.I am going to email u now chic.!! x
shan x

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