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MIA but now returned...

Hi Guys

I have been MIA for a while because I was so sick. Have been bleeding for 4 weeks continous with clots and all (sorry if tmi) :(and had to have blood tests because I passed out at home one day.

But they discovered I have pernicious anemia and I have to get B12 injections so I was off lipotrim for a couple of weeks. However feeling much better now and even getting a bit of colour back in my face so dont look like a zombie anymore and have been given the go ahead to get back onto the lipotrim wagon as long as I get my monthly injection and take a b12 supplement.

Good news is I still lost a bit of weight and am down to 15st 1 from 16st 5 so at least I dont start from scratch.

How is everyone else getting on?

I have a friends part this saturday so will be restarting Monday and honestly cant wait.
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Like a Renegade Master
so glad you are back, i was getting worried
ps; i KNOW exactly what your going thru, i dont have totm often and when i do it can last from 1 week to 3 MONTHS - YES 3 MONTHS!!!!!!! i feel your pain - but glad ya getting better xxxx


Like a Renegade Master
how are you getting on ? hope its all going well x
thanks girlies.

Am suffering this morning from alcohol related problems lol:D But had a great night and people did pass comments on my weight saying they noticed it off my face.

Had to squeeze myself into a size 16 jeans cos my 18s are too big and even though I had muffin top:eek: was delighted. Had a choice between muffintop or showing my arse to everyone and decided the muffintop would be better. Anyway bought a lovely kimono cardigan thingie:p - dont know how else to describe it - which hid my muffin top so all was well.

So just had a prawn curry and will be starting tomorrow morning on lt. Have to say I have kept up the water intake to 2 litres and havent touched a fizzy drink in ages and finding my skin is looking really well lately. And have noticed a big change in portions and choices I make now so am confident that after LT I can maintain.

Electric Lilac how are you hun? You musnt have long left at all.

Thanks a mill Helen you have had a great loss in your first week and yes it is a dreadful thing when you have periods for soooo long. It just takes so much out of you so delighted I have it under control - fingers crossed


Like a Renegade Master
ummm muffins lol, yeah i am good, still got a couple of stone to go and a holiday to have and whatever damage the holiday causes lol so will be here for a little while yet i think. Can see the light at the end of the tunnel though Hurrah!!!

Look at you all in your size 16 jeans. (Thats one of my goals to get a pair of jeans i have never owned a pair too scared to go and try them on lol.) So glad you had lovely complements makes you feel on cloud nine doesn't it ? Good luck with tomorrow can't wait to follow your progress x
Ok finally on day 1. Was already to start and then my totm decided to make an appearance. Really fed up aboutit now but was able to start my contraceptive so hopefully that will sort things out.

Day 1 wasnt hungry at all this morning so fed baby, played and put him down for nap and then got stuck into the winter/summer clothes exchange :p

Also found 4 dresses that are too big for me now. They are good makes so I have decided Im going to set up an ebay shop and sell all my half decent fat clothes and put the proceeds towards my honeymoon wardrobe.

Had first shake at 1.30 and have discovered a love of puerh tea - yummy.

Its the evening time I find hardest and even though I have been snacking on fruit and yogurts I have to stop doing itnow so have a tonne of ironing to keep me buzy in front of the telly.

Am starting aqua aerobics on friday and have signed myself up for a fitcamp in October EEEEEEEEK:eek:


Like a Renegade Master
best of luck with today zerotohero i hope it flys by for you x
Hi there

Best of luck to you. And good for you with the dresses too big!! I cant wait til I reach that stage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well day 5 is coming to an end and so far so good - except OH and daughter are munching on popcorn and smell is driving me KERAZZZYYY!!!:D

Am glugging down water while shooting them the evil eye - not taking much notice though:p

Am in a bit of a problem because I started wed but wont be weighed til next friday and really want to know how Im doing before that so think I will have to replace my broken scales now

Am starting my EA active in the morning on the WII as I want to get somewhat prepared for fitcam or else they will have to carry me off on a stretcher after 10minutes.
Anyone else used that?

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