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Michael Jackson - This Is It Movie


Gotta Make A Change
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i'm looking forward to that, I grew up adoring Michael jackson, in spite of his bizaare eccentricities (erm, ignore my spelling!)
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I love Michael Jackson, i still cant believe he is gone. :(
I was too young to see him in concert last time he had one in london in the 90's, and i have been a fan all of my life, so i was sooo excited to finally have my chance to see this music genius perform with my very eyes. Me and my brother & sister had got tickets to see his this is it tour in january.

I saw the trailer for the movie, and i just have to see it, It will be quite upsetting though to see what a good show it would have been. I hear it will only be in the cinema for 2 weeks.


Gotta Make A Change
yeah 2 weeks in cinema
than dvd/blu-ray release before xmas
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Michael Jackson was my 1st ever concert!
1989, Dangerous world tour, he was amazing :D
I'm gonna take my mum into see this, we are both long time fans of his!


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Never got to see Michael in concert, so dissapointed. What an entertainer, there will never be anyone like him.


Gotta Make A Change
class it was more a documentary than a film
but still good
cant wait for the dvd it'll def be alot of peoples xmas present


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As a guy he was a wierdo. As a performer he was one of the best.

I spent £300 ont ickets to have him die on me! How rude. I am not going to see the film as I see it as a way of reclaiming money from the death they partly caused.

I shall be illegally downloading it with a massive V sign to the makers.


Went to see This Is It the day it was released and tbh it changed my mind about MJ. Beforehand I also had the impression he was a weirdo/freak but the film showed him in a new light. The guy was a genius and an incredibly decent and kind human being.

That is all.


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I idolise MJ, got his logo tattooed on my wrist after he passed away as a way to pay tribute.

I went to see This Is It and cried for most of it, went to see it again and still cried for most of it. I got it went it came out on DVD and haven't been able to watch it, I just know what it will do to me.

I had tickets booked for the ill fated This Is It concerts, it was going to be my first opportunity to see him live. At risk of sounding overly dramatic, his death left me in massive amounts of grief for a long time, and still not over it now.

People say such awful things about him. But, personally, I don't care if he had plastic surgery, I don't care that he believed in idealistic wonderment. He was a man with a good heart, he would do anything for any one if he thought he could help and musically, there will be no one greater. So many artists aspire to be like him and so many copy him. Elizabeth Taylor wasn't wrong when she referred to him as the King of pop, rock and soul. Which is where King of Pop originated from.

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