Michelle's weight loss journey!

She's done remarkably well considering she's been using G McK diet. Anyone who can do that for even a week deserves a medal :D There again, it does say she's following her own healthy eating plan now.

Now...big ouch coming....is it just me. She doesn't look like she's lost 9 stone.:confused: More like 5-6 on the first picture.

She looks slimmer in picture 3 IMO.

She's done really well though. Must be quite tough losing all that weight slowly as opposed to VLCD.
Hi Karion,

I agree she deserves a medal, even for listening to your wan!

If you look at the photo of Michelle in her swim suit I think you will agree it does look like she has lost mega weight.

I went through them last night and like that I thought she still looks like a big girl, but after looking at her pics...she is well down. The fact that she is beside a skinny friend might give the illusion she is much bigger???

What do others think...