Mid week weigh in :( help!!


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Has anyone weighed at home mid way through the week to see no change, but then had there weekly weigh in at group or home and lost?

I weighed this morning n was 2lbs lighter (I know your lighter in am and heavier pm) but then I've come home and weighed again (obsessive I know) and I'm 2lbs heavier whic is the same weight I weighed in at in group on Monday?!!

I'm stressed. I've followed plan 100% and emailed food diaries to leader to be sure n she confirmed they were perfect.

Help please?!
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STOP weighing yourself :)

You can only trust your group weigh in. Those are the scales you can trust. If someone doesnt go to group and weighs at home..they should only weigh once a week on the same set of scales..in the same place.

Your body is programmed to flunctuate up to several pounds during the day depending on water retention, what youve eaten etc etc.

Only trust your weekly weigh in and save yourself the stress...dont weigh before it :) hard i know but it means you will get a pleasant surprise at weigh in :) xx


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I am terrible for weighing myself throughout the week. I just cant resist it - and I know I shouldn't. You do end up causing yourself traumas because you've put on 1lb during the day, even though you know its just fluctuations. But in a way it does motivate me to keep at it, sometimes it seems like weigh in day is a really long way away!


I ended up weighing myself constantly because i panicked at the slightest gain. My Bf has now hidden scales and I do so much better now because what ever happens happens :)


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I'll have to suggest to hubby that he does that then :rolleyes: