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mid week weighing

Did the same thing myself today and I am up 1lb, though mine is deserved after pigging out last night.

I haven't done it before but am finding that I'm losing my resolve after two or three days and need a kick to keep me going, so thought a mid week weigh-in would be a good idea.

Are you weighing your self at the same time as your usual weigh in? Your weight can fluctuate from 1-2lbs during the day anyway so maybe it is just that.
Fingers crossed that is what has happened :)
I do mid week weigh ins and they can be way out so dont be disheartened! One week weighed midweek and it said i had put on 2lbs!! Went to group and had lost 4!! Sometimes i weigh myself a few hrs before too so i know wat to expect and it has been out by 1-2lbs loads!! Dont b disheartened and if u do weigh in, take it as a pinch of salt!!
mid week weigh ins can be bad as they can discourage you!
Dont do them, because they can make you fall off the wagon!
hope this helps x
Mid-week weigh ins always discourage me as I am usually the same as I was if not heavier! I wonder if its due to slow metabolism that my weight loss doesnt kick in for days and days?
I use the ones at the gym every time I go to the gym. They don't read the same as the slimming world ones so I don't use them for that I just use them for a bit of motivation and because they're a analogue not digital I like to see where I used to be and set my next target for where I want to see the needle get to.

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