Might not be on for a few days.


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Hi all,

My wee lassy isn't well at all, waiting on her dad coming home from work so we can take her to hospital. Temp has been climbing last couple of days and now at 39.7 and nothing is bringing it down. I thought it was flu and conjuntivits and booked a GP appointment for her, as you do. Turns out it could be something more serious. They're worried about her fluid intake and breathing patterns. So she might need to be kept in.

Wish us luck :(
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Kids eh!!!

She'll be fine xxxxx Try not to worry too much.. ive been there with ill kidlets it IS worrying but docs just need to be sure xx

*hugs* xx


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Hope she gets better soon, they are stronger than we think and I am sure she will be fighting fit soon xx.


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Hope she is ok and gets well soon x x


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Hope she is ok


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Poor lass, is horrible when they are poorly. Hope hospital can sort things out. Stay strong, will be thinking of you and hope you can update us soon.

Charlie xx


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Hope she's ok and makes a swift recovery xx


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We're back, nothing serious, just alot at once.

Flu, Conjunctivitis, throat infection, fever and dehydrated. She's got saches to go into water to hydrate her, antibiotics, gel for her eyes and paracetamol. She'll rattle when I pick her up!


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Glad she is ok. Poor little thing with all that wrong with her. Hope she is on the mend very soon
Sending you a hug


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aww bless her ... hope she starts feeling better soon x they are such a worry


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glad shes ok Becca, only just logged on and read it!
kids are such a worry!!!


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So glad they don't think it's anything too serious, hun. :hug99:

Here's hoping for a decent night's sleep for you all. :fingerscrossed:


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Hope your little one is better soon, kids are fairly resiliant but we still worry-all part of the job description


Lovin it !!! :)
Bless her - all that to cope with - hope she is soon on the mend x :)


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Pleased to hear that your little girl wasn't admitted to hospital, still, it's rotten for her to be feeling unwell. Wishing a speedy recovery xx


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Glad to hear shes ok. My 2 year old girl had to have the sachets last year after having flu and a throat infection. They work wonders hun. God send in fact. Give it a day or so and she'll have picked up no end. :)


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oh bless, i hope she is feeling better with the paracetmol and fluids, poor thing, they get so lifeless when they are ill. take care x