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  1. traveljody

    traveljody Full Member

    I really hate having to come up with diary titles, I am always feel like I fail miserably - much like my dieting/weight loss really.

    So, let's start with the nitty grit and then work backwards, I am generally quite backwards actually.

    I am 5ft 3" and I weigh in at 205.5 lbs, this is my heaviest weight ever and is the result of the love of a good man and a love of anything that contains Carbs. :(

    Why? When? How?

    I still carry all my baby weight, trouble is, my 'baby' is now 13 years old and I still carry the excess, I think during that time even my excess weight went and had babies too. I really digged the whole eating for two thing which was the start of a downhill slope. Up until having her, I'd always been a curvy 10/12 and been able to eat exactly as I liked and stayed that size with very little effort, oh those were the good days :). I'm one of those who thinks I eat well for the most part, then I realise that all the diet goods and big fruit salads I have been merrily tucking away are loaded with Carbs in various guises, my absolute addiction is toast (don't laugh), well, PB on toast to be exact. I think saying I could eat it for B,L & D would be bang on the money, J'adore PB! I used to be really fussy with food but my hubby has persevered with me over the years and I now eat all manners of good, and bad, things - curries, peppers, some salad, asparagus etc. He's the cook here, I Iron, I don't do cooking - I once tried to make a cake and it ended up being a yorkshire pudding. Tasted good though!

    Previous Attempts

    I've had two serious previous goes at losing weight, one successful and one not. About 8 years ago I was 7lb lighter than I am now and was weighed by a healthcare professional, I had absolutely no idea how big I had gotten and was so disgusted and embarassed with myself that I went bright red and vowed to shift some lard. Over 6 or so months I lost around 35lbs, I started walking to work and back every day, going to the gym twice a week and just watched what I was eating. I then changed jobs to one where I have to drive and over the past 7 years it's all crept back on again. In September 2011, as I was aware of my fast approaching 30th birthday I decided to try again. I watched calories like a hawk, I started zumba and was doing 2 classes a week and swimming twice a week, but it took almost 3 months to lose 7lbs and I broke. I would literally wake up and cry because I felt so exhausted all the time, I'm a miserable mare at the best of times but that was serious grounds for divorce material!

    This time round - obstacles & plans!

    I'm not happy, and I know I am not. I never go out socially anymore, my tops are all long and floaty, I get a double/triple chin when I laugh and walking up stairs is SO tiring. Trying to lift shopping out of a trolley last weekend was so painful I wanted to rip my spinal cord out and stamp on it. That bad. My husband remains the best looking man I have ever laid eyes on and I want to look good for him, I feel like people look at us as a couple and wonder how on earth he ended up with me (anyone have any spare self esteem?!), he loves me and I know he would never ask me to change but I want to. I *believe* I may have PCOS, my GP is the most patronising chauvinistic ape and thinks I just eat too many crisps so as we have no baby plans I have left it be for now but it's probably something I need to revisit in the future. I have problems with my feet when exercising and I need to see a podiatrist ASAP, not sure if it's arch related or ligament related but it's painful and really hinders my exercise attempts - that's number one job this week.

    So, in terms of getting going. I decided to invest in a PT, he is my younger brothers best friend and his rates were so good I knew I had to try. We had our first session at the park yesterday and the exact reason I am sitting here writing a diary is because moving is too darn painful :eek:. He is also looking through my MFP diary to come up with some food ideas/plans to help me increase my protein and decrease my carb intake. I'm also restarting Zumba, I really love it and it makes me sweat lots. I know another class is starting soon so hoping I can do 2 Zumba per week, my PT session and some walking/weight work at home. Diet wise - I don't like labeling it, I am just going for lower (but not low) carb and healthy, lean meat, lots of veg, nuts etc. This will be an ever changing W.I.P though of course!

    So, the title?

    Ah yes, 'Slimming all over the world'....I live for holidays, that's our 'thing', some people like expensive clothes, some want big houses but we want to see the world and we seem to be doing a pretty good job so far! Obviously this gives me some great goals to work towards and also means I need to be realistic about losing weight while we are away, might be a toughie! It's also one of the biggest reasons to start this journey, I take, and print hundreds of pictures each time, I love photos buy there are hardly any of me/us because I don't like the way I look.


    It wouldn't be a diary without setting some goals! I was actually encouraged to start this thread by reading a post from a lady who said she was such a slow loser compared to others. I am exactly the same, I will probably be lucky to lose 1lb a week even though I have so much to lose. Hopefully though, that means it won't go on as quickly in the future :p


    Goal 1: Lose 14lbs by 30th November 2013
    Goal 2: Lose another 7lbs before Thailand - 28th Jan 2014 (total of 21lbs)
    Goal 3: Lose another 14lbs before Maldives - 27th April 2014 (total of 35lbs)

    Reach goal weight of 150lbs with 1 year - 26th August 2014 and be fit - fit is just as imporant as weight!

    Other things to know about me

    I run a travel blog
    I love peanut butter, and chocolate, especially together
    I keep reef fish at home
    I am a PADI advanced open water diver
    I got married this April (Awww)
    I like the colour purple
    I'm notoriously bad for updating things (sorry in advance)
    I also love tea
    I gave up smoking last October with Stoptober - went cold turkey, very proud of myself
    I suffer with Psoriasis, currently under control with meds
    I have quite a few tattoos
    If I didn't have my husband I would settle for Paul Walker and/or Tom Hardy
    I am blunt/sarcastic and occasionally funny.

    Thanks for reading!
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  3. traveljody

    traveljody Full Member

    So I thought I would do a quick exercise update since I started thinking about what I wanted to achieve.

    Sunday (last week) - 2.4 mile walk
    Monday - Hour Zumba class
    Tuesday - Badminton with hubby
    Wednesday - Rest
    Thursday - 2.0 mile walk
    Friday - Rest
    Saturday - 2.4 mile walk
    Sunday - PT Session
    Today - 2.0 mile walk

    No wonder I ache!
  4. Saruk88

    Saruk88 Silver Member

    Hey - just stopped by ... Thailand and Maldives! Nice! Very jealous ... now they are prime photography spots. I hear you about the travel thing. I used to work for a travel company writing website content, blogs etc. and now I work for a digital marketing agency whose clients are, you guessed it, primarily travel companies. Nothing like a bit of thinspiration than imagining yourself in an exotic, far-off land, is there?!

    I, too, like the colour purple, by the way, and I am mega jealous about the PADI water diving qualification. Sounds just incredible.

    Great job on the exercise front. Looks like you'll be all over this weightloss malarkey!
  5. Arum Lilly

    Arum Lilly Full Member

    Im interested to know what meds have your psoriasis under control. Im currently using dovobet, which calms it but little else. My hand is so painful tonight that I can hardly use it. I get psoriasis on my palms and soles of my feet, so either my hands are too painful to use or my feet are too painful to walk. And the itching! omg it so intense sometimes that I rip my skin.. which does not help matters lol.

    Anyway, im currently slimming in Tenerife as that is where we are holed up for the next 2 or 3 months. Ive just taken early retirement so im here working on a suntan and a salad while I decide what the next move is. Maldives has always been on my list of places to go, but god its expensive.

    I gave up smoking in December, like you I just went cold turkey and got through it. It was a case of having to, not for health reasons but because I could not justify being retired and spending £8 a day on fags. They are cheap in Tenerife though lol a euro a pack, but im not going back now.
  6. traveljody

    traveljody Full Member

    Hey Saruk & Arum, thanks for stopping by!

    Saruk - I'd love to have a job in travel but I wouldn't earn enough, I'm hoping the blogging might bring me some benefits in the longer term but I am just enjoying it for now! We are off to Egypt in a few weeks so I can get some more diving in before the year end and the water gets too cold! I am SUCH a fair weather diver :rolleyes:

    Arum - sorry to hear about your P, mine is the opposite to yours, on my limbs and scalp. I've pretty much tried everything over the years, Methotrexate is the best treatment for me but unfortunately it doesn't agree with my liver so I am having to come off it for a while. I am currently on ciclosporin which is keeping my skin calmer and not as flaky which is a big help. Do you find the sun over there helps at all? Well done for giving up the evil weed too, I can't believe I have been almost a year without one!

    So, today I have been so good that I am expecting my invitation from above to fall into my lap at any time! I ate the right fats, kept an eye on the carbs, ate low carb fruit, played badminton and am now giving the oven evil eyes because it needs to be cooking my dinner a little faster! I am sooooooooooooo having a rest day tomorrow, my legs have been so painful since the PT session that trying to sit down and get up was mission impossible.

    Not sure when to do my first weigh in, what do you think?
  7. Saruk88

    Saruk88 Silver Member

    If you build up your blog and become an expert in travel, attend blogging events etc, then you will see benefits. I do SEO, social and content work and a part of seo and social are working with bloggers. Keep at it :) I was going to Egypt in a few weeks! Changed it to Turkey though cos of all the stuff that's going on. Been to Egypt twice, I love it there and the corals and marine life are just gorgeous.

    when did you first weigh in? I'm going to do mine on Friday mornings ... Ready for the weekend so I can either be extra good if the scales are unkind or spurred on if they're kind! We'll see how that works though :)
  8. traveljody

    traveljody Full Member

    Ahhh, SEO, yes my website keeps prompting me to do something with a box and words but I keep ignoring it! I know a lot of people changed their trips, we booked in the morning and later that day they declared the state of emergency but we are 'happy' to go anyway so will see how things pan out over the next few weeks.

    I can't remember when I weighed, I lied, just realised it was last Tuesday or Wednesday as I had to complete a form for the PT. But I only seriously started calorie checking and exercising last weekend so maybe I will go Friday with you if that's ok? I've just plugged everything into MFP and am really struggling to make the calories enough! I feel like I have eaten loads, I am not hungry at all yet it says I am nowhere near my daily goal, let alone over it! It's really hard to get enough calories without eating carbs! I keep racking my brains in case I have missed something. I don't want to cause myself issues in the long run!
  9. Arum Lilly

    Arum Lilly Full Member

    Yes without doubt the sun helps, and it used to clear up completely when I was in the sun. But in recent years ive seen a deterioration in the amount of help I get from the sun, now it calms it down on the whole, although it will still flare up from time to time. yesterday my hand was very painful, today it has clamed down a lot to the point I hardly notice it. Ive had on my hands and wrists for 20 years or so, but it started on my feet only 2 years ago and has been quite severe at times. Ive been pushing my doctor to try some other medication or treatment, but he is fairly determined that I stick with dovobet.

    I went to Egypt a few years ago and saw a guy who worked on market stall, who claimed to be a skin doctor. I was of course entirely unconvinced by this story, but he was insistent that he could treat my psoriasis. Anyway, I decided I would let him have a go with some of his ointments, and amazingly the psoriasis cleared up almost completely within a couple of days. I was staggered really, and so I spent about £80 with him on several pots of various lotions and ointments that he had used. However, when I got back to the UK I stopped using it. There was nothing on the jars to identify what was in it, and I was concerned as it may have been steroid based, but something stronger than I had ever been prescribed by my doctor. Maybe I passed up on a miracle cure, or maybe I did the right thing by ditching it. Ill never know
  10. Saruk88

    Saruk88 Silver Member

    Absolutely you can weigh on Fridays too! We can egg each other on. Haha well I don't know what boxes and words are I'm afraid so I can't help you there.

    That's a good sign you're not hungry! I wish I could say the same. Hopefully you're on track for a big loss this week :) unlike me!

    Whereabouts are you headed in Egypt? Sharm?
  11. traveljody

    traveljody Full Member

    AL, you have just reminded me of a trip to a Chinese Herbalist we made when I was in my teens as a last ditch attempt at finding a cure. It cost a fortune and the mixture was so vile I was wretching just with the smell, it was a complete waste of money and I felt so awful that my mum had spent that much. The sun doesn't seem to be help much for me at the moment, I think that could be the meds as it does advise no sunbathing, oops.

    Saruk - You are on for Friday, will let you know the verdict! Yep, going to Sharm this time, we went to Marsa Alam in June and would have gone back there but the flights are on Wednesday and it would mean 7 days off work, as I can only take 5 we needed Saturday flights so Sharm was the only option.

    Had a good day today but no exercise, figured I need a rest day. Eaten so much Chicken and Turkey I think I might just grow wings and start clucking. I bought a choc Atkins bar at Tesco today because it was on offer at 80p :eek: but I have resisted so far. I am REALLY missing fruit strangely enough, I always used to buy big fresh tropical fruit salads at lunch but I've had to give that up for a while so am having a pineapple finger and raspberries instead for my fruity fix!

    Next PT session booked in for Saturday, my poor quads have literally only today started feeling 'normal', I hope it doesn't take so long to recover next time :eek:
  12. Saruk88

    Saruk88 Silver Member

    Yes, do! I'll let you know too. Went on the scales yesterday and apparently I put on 9lbs over the weekend! And I was relatively well behaved! I'm being told its water weight and that it'll drop off ... I hope that's the case. We'll see :)

    Marsa Alam, nice! Have you been to Sharm before? If so, how do they compare?

    argh, PT! That would terrify me!
  13. traveljody

    traveljody Full Member

    I have fingers and eyes crossed it's a good result for both of us tomorrow!

    Not been to Sharm before, first time for us. I learnt to dive in Dahab so I seem to be working my way around the various resorts. I really am starting to get excited now, I thought we would have to wait until January so to get an extra week to catch some rays and see the fish is awesome (I'm quite sad like that!).

    Urgh. Had a 'hungry' day today, just felt like I was starving which is unusual, since low carbing I haven't really found it problem. I ended up going for the Atkins chocolate crispy bar that I bought yesterday, I thought it would be awful but it was actually ok, I scanned it into MFP and it came up as another Atkins product with like 0 carbs, good job I checked and corrected it, even if I was a tiny bit tempted to cheat :eek:. Just in case any one is interested I thought I'd give you an idea of what I have been eating;

    Breakfast - Slice of wholemeal toast with either Vegemite or PB
    Morning Snacks - handful of nuts, babybel or similar
    Lunch - Smoked Salmon on melba toast thins, half punnet of raspberries
    Afternoon snacks - Pineapple finger, small pack fridge raiders
    Dinner - Tonight is steak, two mini rosti (I need some carb!) and lots of veg

    If I am getting hungry I might have an extra pack of Fridge Raiders or some more nuts.

    Well, I went C_R_A_Z_Y tonight and decided to reverse my longer walking route, might not sound like much but it went from being 2.4 miles of two sharp uphills and gentle declines to being two nice declines and the rest was long inclines. It Hurt. It hurt lots. The scales better bring me joy in the morning!

    So apart from craving fruit, I'm now watching an ever depleting bank balance, healthy eating is expensive!
  14. Saruk88

    Saruk88 Silver Member


    Sharm is lovely. If you can, take a trip out to Ras al Mohammad. It's stunning.

    We eat similar things. I have marmite or pb on crumpets for brekkie (I just simply cannot give up crumpets) and babybel for a snack! Love them, even the light ones are gorgeous.

    Healthy eating IS expensive! Asia the gym! Bahhhhhh.
  15. Arum Lilly

    Arum Lilly Full Member

    Good luck with the weigh ins tomorrow!
  16. traveljody

    traveljody Full Member

    V quick post as about to head out to work.

    Down 1.75lbs I think, thought it might be more as been exercising for 2 weeks plus calorie counting for one but it's a move in the right direction regardless and if every week is like this I would be at goal weight within the next year, must focus on positive!
  17. Saruk88

    Saruk88 Silver Member

    Really well done mate! Definitely going the right direction and slowly and steady is exactly the way to do it! :)
  18. traveljody

    traveljody Full Member

    Thanks Saruk. Found it quite hard to stay with my head in the game today, I think it was definitely the Friday feeling! I had my podiatrist appointment this evening and the diagnosis is Subluxed Cuboids - In English, a bone in my foot becomes slightly dislocated during exercise which causes the pain. Unfortunately there is no quick fix, I need to stop wearing ballerina flats all day as they won't help. I need to get another pair of Nike Shox as trainers were the heel has height over the ball of the foot are ideal. My last pair cost £20, now they are SOOOOOOOOOOOOO expensive :(

    I am feeling so meh tonight, I don't know what's up with me. I was home early because of my appointment, hubby picked up some shopping and dropped it off and said he was going out for a swift half with his two best mates.....that was at 6.30 ish, he's still not home and that's really hacked me off as he is supposed to be cooking. I guess I am also jealous, feeling very lonely at the moment. I don't have any 'friends' really, I made a couple, or thought I had, but they seem to have gone AWOL on me and I really don't know why I can't keep friends, I seem to repel friends like two magnets do. I never get invited anywhere or asked to do anything, no one pops round for a cuppa.

    I've started going through youtube and am listening to all the old R&B songs they played when I was clubbing in my early/mid twenties and I am REALLY missing those days, I felt really confident and loved dancing the night away. Now I wouldn't have anyone to go with even if I had the confidence to go out.

    Sorry, I didn't mean to sound so miserable!

    Did do a 2 mile walk tonight and PT sessions tomorrow, eek :eek:
  19. Saruk88

    Saruk88 Silver Member

    Oh mate! You know what? Mikes gone out to the pub too I'm just in on my own too! Just wasn't up for going so I sent him on his way. Shame we cant teleport ay and watch a film together!

    We all get days like this and the worst thing is when nobody's around to just chat at. But don't worry - hubs will be back soon and you can just chill out together on the sofa. And until then, you can chat at me. Have you eaten? Cos that might help. And soon, soon you'll have all the confidence in the world and you'll blow your old self out the water.

    :) hugs right back to you!
  20. traveljody

    traveljody Full Member

    Hey Saruk, I don't want to harp on too much about my *wobble* last night but your kinds words were very much appreciated, probably more than you know :)

    Soooooooooooo, chilled out most of today before the PT session. Today was very different to last week, I did a good mix of cardio and weight work. Last week I just couldn't get skipping right which really annoyed me because I can really skip - like a boxer and I think he thought I was lying. Anyway, proud moment, found some flat grass and went for it......he just stood there open mouthed and said he wished he could skip like I could - booyah :D I really, really enjoyed the weight lifting parts, I can see myself getting quite into that aspect and I know he is planning on incorporating more of it next week. I felt tired when we finished but a different kind of tired, more muscle tired today, I am sure I will ache tomorrow. Now that I am two sessions in I think I can say that deciding to use a PT was a good one and I can really see it moulding my work outs and progress. Only problem tonight was a multitude of wasps! One was chasing Nathan and he was using a skipping rope to try and shoo them away when he whipped it to the side and it wrapped round his body and slapped his arm.....jeeez, it looks AWFUL, like a jellyfish sting! I laughed..............well, any excuse to burn some calories right ;)

    Food has been good today but slightly higher on carbs due to sneaking in some french bread. Hubby did some awesome stuffed peppers and pork for lunch, it was scrummy. I am awaiting my new daily target amounts from PT, he said rather than giving me a list of meals to eat, he is going to give me max totals for Carbs, Proten, Fat etc and he wants to see what I am eating to try and stay within it.

    In other news, I was naughty.......................I was very, very naughty. I got a price for an upgrade to the honeymoon suite at our hotels, it's amazing. We got a cheap upgrade to a suite in marsa as normally we tend to stay in very 'standard' type rooms rather than pay to upgrade, and it really added a whole new dimension to the holiday and it felt very special. We had already booked a suite, which did look nice and had lots of little benefits, but the honeymoon suite has a two person jacuzzi in a bathroom bigger than our two bedrooms put together, a bed that face the red sea and a private balcony, bar, nespresso machine, lounge area, dressing room....yeah, you get the idea. Well it wasn't quite as pricey as I thought, so I considered upgrading for just 2/3 nights, then decided moving in the middle of a week would be a pain so I threw caution to the wind and upgraded for the week :eek: Hubby has no idea! His chin is going to seriously hit the floor when he seems the room *smugface*

    Amusingly, despite not having told them it was our honeymoon they are promising a great honeymoon stay, I did say my name different between my email addy and my booking as we got married a few months ago and that seems to have caused it but who am I to argue!?
  21. Saruk88

    Saruk88 Silver Member

    Good :)

    ahhh, I love it when that happens - show the professionals how it's done! I think having a PT is a great idea, I bet he'll really help you. Well done on your work out!

    Ahhhh, wow. That sounds sooo incredible! It sounds absolutely amazing, you'll have such a good time. What a good little wifey you are :)

    Yeaaa for all they know it could be your honeymoon! Wish we had the monies to do that! I'm very jealous!

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