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I have always suffered from infrequent migraines, since starting ss i am getting them more frequent. I know its not to do with drinking more water as a migraine is a chemical inbalance not due to dehydration. Just wondered if anyone else has suffered or is suffering.

One other thing does any one suffer with really bad flatulance after eating the peanut bars? Sometimes i have sickened myself with the smell!!!:eek::ashamed0005:

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Yes migraine suffer here. I found that in the first 3-4 days my were worst and them they got better. Being on SS helped my migraines in the long run, I now feel that they were food relate.

Yes the bars can give you the windy pops :eek:.
I am with sim on this one, i am a sufferer also but i must say i have not had as many since being on cd, still get them but not as many, they are a little more severe though must admit and they have changed sides for some reason..

but since starting cd i dont get them as often so dont have to take as much co codomol now as they really affect my tummy .. i do really think mine were caused by certain foods, i know cheese for one, but i can pick at cheese now and i dont get them? weird!

hopefully its just beacuse you are suffering from carb withdrawal and have a headache which perhaps starts a migraine? i am sure they will ease of soon hun.. take good care i know what they are like :(

oh and lol @ stinky.. yes all bars can make you windy... i always forget when i eat one then suddenly DOG YOU STINK! lol easier to blame the dog! lol

migrane sufferer here too mine got worse on the first 3 days but they seam better now never tryed the bars though lol x


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Headache can be caused from caffeine withdrawal too, so if you already suffer from migraine having no caffeine will also give you bad headaches for the first few days (unless you don't drink it anyway) in which case not sure why one gets headaches/migraine on CD.

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