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  1. lisx

    lisx Full Member

    I've lost 46lbs from my heaviest so very pleased!! I had a big weight gain due to some medication I was told I had to take by my doctor, take or be hospitalised was the option so I took the meds. I came off them and was offered Zenical to help shift the weight, I manage to loose 4 stone with them! It was really easy because the nasty side effects made me make sure I didn't eat foods that'd cause any problems and as I was eating less as the horrendous cravings had gone it just dropped off. I stopped taking them for a few months due to moving house and living on Maccy D's and cocoa pops till all was settled and I gained a stone, expected but annoying none the less! I decided to join slimming world to help motivate me to shift the rest of my weight. I was 14 stone 11.5lbs at my first weigh in and am now 14 stone 6lbs. I need 1.5lbs off for my 1/2 stone award :D

    I've dropped from the obese BMI category to the overweight one which I consider to be a great achievement :D my next goal is to be in the normal category, to do so I need to be a maximum of 12 stone so that is my goal. 2 stone 6 needed to loose. Thats 34lbs which if lost at a rate of 2lb a week will give me a target date of 17 weeks or 23/08/08

    My mini target for this week was to loose 1.5lbs to get my 1/2 stone award but I've adjusted that now to maintaining due to the fact I consumed 101 syns (approx) yesterday on a fantastic birthday meal! Today is my actual birthday but we will be having a slimming world friendly picnic if the weather holds out and i plan on doing a lot of photography so hopefully a few extra calories burnt. My birthday present was the new wii fit and yesterday I spent an hour on it, I'm hoping to use it every day as its much more fun than the gym! and also does get the old heart racing especially the jogging!!!

    Anyway I hope to write in this diary everyday and probably more often if I need to vent. I'm hoping it will give me the mid-week support I need to keep focussed.
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  3. lisx

    lisx Full Member

    Yesterday was my actual birthday and I stuck to the plan pretty well actually considering! Had too many syns again but far less than the day before. I make it 20 which isn't great but its tonnes better than it could have been!!! I made wise choices so that helped save on syns ie a solero instead of a magnum which is nearly 3 times the syn value, was offered a big piece of cake in the tea shop and I turned it down in favour of just a cup of tea. So I'm really proud of myself in that respect. The plan for the rest of the week is damage control really. Going to try and keep my syns to 5 or less per day for the rest of the week to limit the weight gain I incur due to my friday night blow out. Did another hour on Wii Fit also, will try keep upo at least an hour a day on there this week too. *fingers crossed*
  4. kopcat

    kopcat Gold Member

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    Sounding and looking good! Well done and keep it up.....some great achievements so far! :D
  5. lisx

    lisx Full Member



    Well today has been 100% to the plan! :D Had sugar cravings earlier but instead of nipping down the shop to buy sweets or nicking a spoonful of sugar out of the jar I pigged out on Muller Lights which are free! For dinner I made myself a spanish omelette which was very tasty and also completely free! Haven't used any syns today and haven't felt deprived for it either which is good. Still have all my healthy extra choices left so might go make myself cheese on toast, will feel like a treat but its perfectly ok to eat!!

    Have done 15 minutes on Wii Fit so far but hope to do another 15 at least before bed.

    Heres to another good day tomorrow!!
  6. lisx

    lisx Full Member

    realised I didn't have any bread!! Good job really as wheat doesn't do me much good, makes my stomach hurt!! So I blew my healthy extras all on cheese!! Felt very very naughty as cheese is seen as a bad food by most dieters but I ate it and as its within the plan I don't feel even a smidge guilty! Woo.
  7. lisx

    lisx Full Member

    Well today I've committed myself to the May SW exercise challenge. At least 30 minutes on wii fit everyday! I can also use that to claim a body magic award and hopefully a boosted weight loss! Was clearing out my airing cupboard today and found a pair of jeans I chucked up the back because they didn't fit, well they fit today!!! Haven't worn them for about 1 month so am really pleased as these are my really long ones I wear with my favourite boots :D Have done only 10 minutes on wii fit so far! Will do some more after I cleared the kitchen.
  8. lisx

    lisx Full Member

    35 minutes on wii fit in the end! :D Don't seem to be able to stop eating at the moment though!! Have the munchies well bad. I have eaten excessive amounts of free foods but thats better than it could have been!! Used 5 syns today on a small bag of jelly tots and an options choc drink. I think if I had gone without them it would have had bad results in that I would have thought stuff this and binged on all the wrong stuff. 3 days till weigh in so still going to try limit my syns as much as possible to below 5 a day to counteract fridays meal.
  9. lisx

    lisx Full Member

    Having a red day today, never done a red day before as not generally a big meat eater but thought what the heck, that and I really fancied bacon!!! Bought some new jeans today in a size 12!! Not worn a 12 for about 2.5 years so very exciting!!
  10. lisx

    lisx Full Member

    Red doesn't suit me at all, really don't like meat enough for that to be the staple of my diet for the day! Ended up feeling quite iffy and succumbed to cravings and had 2 chocolate bars and some tic tacs!! A gain is probably guaranteed now but nevermind not going to let it put me off keeping on trying. I think I'm going to switch to a brown day LOL and go have some super noodles as I'm very hungry.
  11. lisx

    lisx Full Member

    weigh day tonight!!!!! Eeek. Am nervous, hope I haven't put on too much. Couldn't do any Wii Fit or any exercise yesterday as I felt rough, *fingers crossed*
  12. wannabslim

    wannabslim Gold Member

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    I'm not dieting, I'm on the pregnancy diet!
    good luck for your WI hun :) xxx
  13. Sarette

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    Good luck for your weigh in! xx
  14. lisx

    lisx Full Member

    thank you very much!! I lost 3lb :D I'm very pleased!!! Even though I had a few little blips I tried really hard to keep on track the rest of the time and my "damage control" mentality seemed to have helped whereas before I prob would have thought sod it and had a whole bad week. I would have been ok with anything even a gain because I know I tried my hardest to rectify the situation and I was pleased with how well I tried in the week.

    I got my 1/2 stone award! I've lost 8.5lb with slimming world so far, I'm now under the 200lb mark and need 1lb to have lost 50lb since my heaviest! So my mini target for this week has to be that 1lb. I set a target of 2lb at group but 1lb is important to hit that 50lb milestone :D

    I love slimming world you can eat such yummy foods.

    Off to update my ticker now :D
  15. lisx

    lisx Full Member

    Having another red day today, keeping much better control over it today. Not eaten much as I've spent the majority of the day in bed but I've not been hungry.
  16. lisx

    lisx Full Member

    Been rather naughty today! Went out and ended up eating some sweets. Oops!! They were blooming lovely though :D

    Too late now to be feeling guilty about it.
  17. lisx

    lisx Full Member

    another naughty day!! Back on track 100% as of now.
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  19. lisx

    lisx Full Member

    thanks, I'm being as good as can be. Its TOTM and I feel bleugh and want to comfort eat. I'm not sticking to it 100% but I'm not off the rails either. Will see. Need a kick in the butt probably. I just am craving stodgy naughty foods at the moment.
  20. lisx

    lisx Full Member

    1lb off!!! I'm soo pleased. Really truely thought I would have gained this week as I ate terribly really, did no exercise and it was TOTM. Thats 50lb lost since my heaviest, 9.5lb off since joining slimming world. Feel really motivated to get back fighting for another week. Going to Alton Towers tomorrow, going to try really hard to not be swayed by burgers and other naughty foods, am going to go cook a pot of pasta and make a pack lunch up to put in the car instead. *fingers crossed*
  21. lisx

    lisx Full Member

    According to slimmingworld's weight loss predictor I'll be at target in October, would be nice!! Hoping to get it by christmas for definite though.
  22. lisx

    lisx Full Member

    wow not updated for 3 days! Stuck to the plan 100% since after Alton Towers so I'm hoping I'll still get a loss this week. My current goal is to get into the 13 stone range so thats 3lb needed to be lost and I'm there!! Hopefully will have that sorted by the end of the month.
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