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i think they should come in little sealed packs of 6 or something to stop me eating the whole box - i cant buy them cuz i dont trust that i wont scoff them all haha
I like them too!I bought a pack this week as peeps on here were recommending them.They didnt last me 5 mins!:eek:

Cant buy them again though,cant trust myself!!!LOL
I keep mine in/by the bread bin, I wont be so tempted then if I cant see them, same for the pink and whites! :)
Mmmmm...pink & whites!! :drool:
I have to be very disciplined with mikados. I sometimes by the 3 pack of the smaller packs so that at least if I eat the whole pack it's only 8 syns or something like that!


I bought myself a box last week and had a couple with a cup of coffee very nice they were to, only thing is my kids also like them and ate the rest in a hour :eek: maybe thats a good thing.

My middle son says he was just thinking of me.

Yeah right :D
Tried the white ones this week, ooh they are yummy! I have to keep them hidden from view in the cupboard though so I don't grab one without thinking everytime I pass cos thats the kind of habits I use to have and what got me to the weight I was lol :)

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They are addictive I have to agree! I have a box of milk chocolate and white chocolate in the fridge. The other night I had 12 lined up on a plate to eat in front of the telly! Yummy!


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OK off to Asda for lunch, which isle can i find these puppies in?? Buying cakes for the boys in the office, don't want to feel left out!!


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So am I the only one who thinks they are horrible? Cheap and nasty cooking chocolate taste but then they are made by Kraft, who are responsible for bringing us plastic macaroni cheese! :D


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Thanks to you lot whilst I was looking for Curly Wurlys in Tesco last night still on offer and thought I'd try some! OMG the white ones are heaven!! Then my mum broke it to me that we've been selling them at work since Mon (i've been off sick) and for the 70 & 75g boxes we only charge 65p!! I'm in big trouble! LOL


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i absolutely love mikado's, but do agree, they are so addictive, especially the white chocolate ones, hope they start selling them in the pack of 3 also, as i can just sit and eat the whole box one after another. mmmmmmmm, could do with some just now. xx


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I could actually only manage 8 of them! so then had a curly wurly! LOL. They seem to have shrunk in size massively though, much narrower than they used to be

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