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milk and butter

ok i know i have seen somewhere that you shouldnt drink milk, but i cant think life is worth living without a cuppah first thing a decaf coffee mid afternoon and the same at night, so i dont have a lot i just love those, i even had them all the way thru cd first time and this time, with no adverse knocking out of ketosis, can i ask is there a way round this, for example use something creamy like full fat milk, (cos i have always used semi) or maybe evap in the coffee im guessing here lol,

also butter, well i looked at some butters as they are so low in carbs but i wanted to be sure on them, the family are having flora buttery at the moment cos there is an offer on a t tescoes a £1 a pack that is 0.6g per 100g, so am i ok to use that on my low carb bread i got from that low carb website and paid a flipping fortune for lol, oh and is there a bread that is low carb in the supermarkets, sorry too many questions, but you see you guys are all so good lmao,
thanks :)
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Milk is a no-no as it has lactose in which is a sugar. You could try using cream, or watered down cream if this is too much for your taste.
Butter is fine, proper butter is much better for you than marg spreads but I use tesco buttery spread for cooking sometimes and that seems fine. Just be carefull of the extra light ones.. flora is pretty high in carbs.

On the bread front, it is better if you can, to try not to have it at all. Is there something else you could have for the meals where you are having bread? Salads?
I *think* the nimble ones are fairly low, but dont quote me as its not something I buy. If you have a tesco online account you can look at all the nutritional info of products on the website to save you standing reading them all in the shop. xx


Wannabe Lean!!!
You could make the flax muffins and use those as little cobs, they are in the recipe thread and called 'Muffins in a minute', I have them every morning for breakkie as little bacon and cheese muffins, who needs maccies! :)
I havnt, I did try the alpro deserts years ago when I was on atkins though as I was craving puddings and the chocolate ones are quite edible. xx

When I have done low carb I have had full fat milk. This is classed as okay on a the diet plan that I followed. It wasn't atkins but a similar one. I count 1 dash of full fat milk as 1 carb and it hasn't done me any harm. Dairy products doesn't suit everyone though and some peoples weight loss can stall with certain dairy products. I always have a couple of mugs of tea a day with a dash of full fat milk and it hasn't caused me any problems. However, everyone is different. Only your body will know how it will react. I love low carb for the weight loss but I need to have a bit more variety. I am thinking of giving it another go though. I will be somewhere yet with my diet lol but I keep telling myself as long as the weight is coming off that is all that matters.

hiya well i dont know yet lol im getting weighed in about an hour, my cd counsellor has the most amazing set of scales, cost her a fortune they do muscle mass fat mass water bone weight, bmi the lot, and she is happy for me to continue getting weighed there, which is lovley, we had built of a good friendship though, and i sometimes helped fix her comp, i have measured myself this morning though and i have lost one and a half inches on my waist, an inch on myhips an inch on my thighs and half an inch on my calves, all since last monday, i always take the same measurements as well as get weighed as we dont always lose weight do we, sometimes we lose inches instead which spurs you on a little bit if your doing cd, there is nothing so soul destroying than eating those yucky shakes all week feeling deprived then losing no physical weight, lol at least this way i know if i dont lose some this week i have got smaller, i will let you know later how i did,
Good luck for weigh in. I have clever scales like that, they were about £25 from argos lol. xx
these were a few bob more than that lmao they do all sorts of things i never knew i had lol or needed to know, anyway i lost 2lb which im really please about as i was changing over and i wasnt 100% low carb till friday cos i was drinking milk, and using sugar, and i am not now, so 2lb and 4 inches size wise is really inspiring, and to feel so well while i do it is a novelty too lol
Hi everybody, i am an ex CD dieter!! I gained so much back afterwards :( My bad!!

I am going to do low carb as of now....

B bk on later to start a thread and a diary... xx

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