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Milk and Eggs..


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Would having a teeny bit of milk in my cuppa really do any harm? I can't abide black tea or coffee and think green tea and such like taste like stale fags lol

And Im really craving a hard boiled egg :rolleyes: Would that cause to much 'damage' as its protein isn't it! ??
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Dont do it as it leads to all the habits we had before..........I am also starting to get tempted ...............mine is sliced cooked ham and everytime I open the fridge I want it............but 100% has to 100% otherwise just go up and add a meal..................I think it will reflect in the weight loss next week...............no expert but if you start where do you stop???x


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Better than chocolate i supposse lol
I dont like tea or coffee without milk either, so I just dont drink them anymore, I stick to my water, except first thing in the morning when I have dandelion tea... this is because dandelion tea stops fluid retention and then I never have any weigh in problems at that TOTM as my body has not retained the fluid, check out my TOTM weeks below and you will see it works... normally in the week leading up to my TOTM I drink 2 cups of dandelion tea just to make sure... lol
Would definately not eat the boiled egg though, it is because you fancy it and not because you are hungry, so give it a miss, we are supposed to learn to only eat when hungry whilst on this diet and not to give in to cravings...


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Off to get some dandelion tea .........thanks Greeneyes and well done on your weight loss............38lbs is fab.....................x
My Tesco sells the dandelion tea teabags, but I dont think it is as nice as the loose tea that my health food shop sells, I just fill one of those "teaball" things half full with the tea leaves and drop it in my cup... drink it like that without removing...


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Great thanks so off to buy a teaball whatever that is ..lol and some tea leaves..................have only tried green and peppermint and fruit flavours before being on CD so this should be interesting............x


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I can't do black tea either, and I didn't use to like black coffee, but I live on it now! (I can't drink cold water on its own.) I make it quite mild in tall cappucino mugs, and I put in about a quarter teaspoon of ground ginger, as this makes it taste nicer and removes any bitterness (and two sweeteners, but that's if you like them or not!).

Peppermint tea isn't bad, and camomile tea helps you sleep, but the rest of them are really boring imho - sorry!


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Learn to eat when hungry- LOL thats constantly for me atm
Just think differently, it takes three days to get back into ketosis if we cheat, thats half the week gone, so its sooo not worth it, ive put notes on cupboard doors and the pantry haha so I dont do it. good luck though


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And just think - the egg yoke has the most cholesterol content in it out of any food I know - don't do it! I know you probably feel like it's easy for us to say "just don't do it", but we've all been through it as well, and some of us know the consequences for not sticking to the diet 100%. Believe me, you'll feel so much better about yourself if you stick to it wholeheartedly xx


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Hi, at first I thought I was hungry but I have come to realise it's not hunger it's habbit and the more you convince yourself your hungry the more you think about food.

Try and break the cycle by distracting yourself- I come on here or clean lol. For eg I thought at 12 o'clock oh shall I have my milkshake just because I had done my daughters lunch but I didn't need it - I wasn't hungry and I like to hang on until 1 to space it out a bit. So I came on here and got reading and posting and forgot all about it.

It's hard breaking old habbits but I really think it's one of the things that will make us successful. Good luck Zoe x


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Good advice above - keep busy!! One thing you can do is to start sorting out your big clothes, because, believe me, you ain't gonna need 'em no more!! :D (This will take longer than you think, because it involves the reorganisation of wardrobes etc. - best get started now! :))

Strange though, eggs were what I craved in my first couple of weeks.

Just think of it as psychological... Your body DOES NOT need that egg, as you are giving it all the vitamins and nutrients it needs, and you're getting energy from burning fat. I'm afraid the craving is all in your head...

And I agree, its not the egg that is the big problem (although it won't help your weightloss), but if you have and egg now, then you'll start thinking its ok to have something tomorrow, and the day after, and then before you know you'll be picking everyday..

Try and be strong and stay 100% my love, you'll be thankful for doing so at your weigh in!

Good luck!


needs a real kick in the
lol i hate eggs but made my little boy a coopy egg and soldiers yesterday because i fancied one ...thats a boiled egg.
do not do it mum24 you wont just let your self you may tempt us all...
if you dont like black coffee or tea try adding some vanilla shake you could probably make a pack last a couple of days x

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