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Milk week?? Or not?!!

Hello fellow lighterlifers,

I am going into week 11 of the programme tomorrow, however as I joined my group in week 3, the group is going into week 13, which as you will all know is meant to be a low calorie week (rather than VERY low cal) or otherwise known as 'milk week'.

So anyway, I was kinda umming and ahhing as to whether I was actually going to have milk this week as I have heard that it can kick you out of ketosis and some people even gain in this week!!

But I was very surprised today when our LLC said that we didn't actually have to do milk week!! I thought this was an official LL recommendation, you do a milk week every 12 weeks! So is this just my LLC saying it off the record... or are you actually allowed by LL to skip milk week?!

Personally I am not going to do it coz,

1. I havent lost as much weight as I wouldve liked to in foundation so far, so I definitely dont want to put any on!!

2. I think I would find the shakes too heavy and filling if made with milk... I struggle with them made with water at times!!

3. I would really love to have a proper cup of tea with milk... if I do milk week, I will feel completely justified in having it... BUT I don't want to get used to it and then find it hard to give it up come next week!! When I started LL in August it was warm enough that I didn't mind giving up tea but I think in this weather I would find it much harder!

Anyway, sorry for rambling on, but your thoughts and experiences of 'milk week' much appreciated!! xx
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Hi hon

Its N.I.C.E.'s reccomendation, LL's suggestion.

I did it, for reason number 3. I made a couple of shakes - they were nice with milk, but really, I just used it for my coffee and tea. It was a weeeeee bit hard to go back to it black. Not impossible, but it was so nice. lol

I did not gain - I still lost a pound. Most in my group lost as well, and I don;t know of anyone who lapsed as a result. And I don;t think anyone gained either.

SOme opted not to do it - but I felt it was in my bod's best interest to do it.

Do what feels right for you hon - but remember, its only 1 week and any gain would be minimal.

You still have some weeks to go - and we need to look after the inside of our bods as well as the outside. :)

Good luck pup! :)
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Hey LS - try milk, and ice and blend - a it cld this time of year I know - but the ice dilutes the milk, the milk makes it creamier in consistancy - similar to a Starbucks Frappucino.

Otherwise yes - can be a bit stodgy when you are not used to i!!


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