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Happily pro pointing!
No, afraid not.
It was never a problem for me as I only had skimmed any way and I am fine with it, in fact I can't stand anything remotely creamy near my tea.
Personally I would either try and get used to it or maybe have semi but only half the amount so as to balance out the cal intake.
Have you tried soya milk? I found it too creamy for me but DD liked it, especially on jelly.
Might be worth getting a carton to try.


constantly confused
I've had soya milk before but it was so sweet, it was like drinking syrup.

I'll see if I can get used to it during RTM, but if not I'll switch to semi skimmed afterwards. Can't do too much harm if it's as part of an otherwise healthy diet, can it?


Happily pro pointing!
you can get unsweetened soya, not sure what it is like though.
It is entirely up to you what you do after RTM. Having semi milk as part of a healthy balanced diet would be no problem as long as it is within your daily calorie allowance (or however you intend to carry on post RTM). You can have anything you like as long as you are sensible about. The way I see it is if I have skimmed milk on my cereal instead of semi then I have cals left for raisins too, etc.
It is just like having £20 to spend in the shop with very limited credit for special purchases. I do plan every day out weekly when I do my shopping so I have a rough idea of what cals I will 'spend' each day and adjust it for weeks when I know I am eating out or going away. I use Food Focus which is pretty good if you plan to count cals.
I feel quite liberated now. I eat healthily 99% of the time, then if I fancy something I have it. It doesn't do any harm and I enjoy my healthy eating too.


constantly confused
I'll try the unsweetened soya, think I can have that from next week.

I know where I went wrong last time and why the weight went on, so I know what I need to do to avoid it.

I think with my £20, semi skimmed trumps raisins :D
I put semi skimmed in my coffee by mistake the other day and couldn't drink it because it tasted awful. Skimmed is ok but I still can only have a small splash.

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