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Milliemoo's Sw diary


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S: 10st11lb C: 10st11lb G: 9st2lb BMI: 26.7 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi I'm new to the forum and really like the idea of keeping a food diary - I good place to log my thoughts, feelings and (fingers crossed!) progress!
A little about me...I am a 27 year old mum of a beautiful 4 year old girl. I am also currently working full time and studying the equivalent of full time (until October then degree will be finally finished - woo hoo!) so life is very hectic. Since having my daughter I've been trying to lose the same stone and half and have managed to maintain half a stone off by myself but need motivation and a bit of a 'push' to shake the final stone. I've joined around 6 different ww and sw classes but have finally found a sw class where I feel I 'fit' - the members are so friendly and a good giggle and the leader is fab so *hopefully* I'll shake off this weight in no time!
Today is day 6 of following extra easy and I have to say I've found it much easier than previously. I went out with dh for a few drinks last night and stuck to vodka and diet cola then when I got in and was craving chips or pizza I had a fat free yogurt and two oranges. :D

It's my sister engagement party at the end of June and I'll be meeting most of her fiances family and their friends for the first time so want to look my best for then - hopefully I can keep this motivation going:cross:

So food today -
Breakfast = dry fried bacon with all fat removed inside 2 slices weight watchers brown danish (HE B) and a poached egg.

Lunch = beans, banana, apple, muller light

Tea = I'm having roast chicken, broccoli, carrot, new potatoes, peas, cabbage and a muller light

Drinks - 2 cups of tea, a cup of coffee (with milk from HE A) 3 glasses of diet lemonade I also plan to have a glass of wine with my Tea so 6 syns so far today.
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heya milliemoo, i thought my life was busy and im just a full time student! You are doing so amazingly to be doing everything you do and SW ontop of it, i'm sure this will be a great place for you to record your thoughts food and deff progress=D amazing feats with staying of the chips and pizza and going for health syn free choices instead! keep it up you're going to look amazing for the end of june and meeting everyone=D keep up the great work hunixxxx


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S: 10st11lb C: 10st11lb G: 9st2lb BMI: 26.7 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Awww thanks so much for your replys Emzy22 and Vitfa, I really appreciate your encouragement.

Well today has been a challenge to say the least! I took my daughter to the park to enjoy the nice weather and was aussalted by the smell from the chip shop and the sight of the lovely sweeties and ice creams in the park shop! I had taken a picnic to make sure I didn't buy the chips but was unable to resist a curly wurly in the park shop and an ice lolly:sign0007:
Not to worry though, I had a Solero Berry Lolly (5 syns) and the curly wurly was 6 syns so I felt like I was being *naughty* but didn't sabatoge myself :)

I sooooo easily could of ate my weight in lard today though - my motivation waned a little and I hope it's not going to disappear as it usually does - I always find I start off well but by the end of week one/start of week two I'm obsessing about lovely food :sigh: Still, I know it is only me who can do this and need to keep visualising myself feeling confident and happy at the end of June!

Food for today -
Breakfast - Bacon, egg and weight watchers brown danish bread

Lunch - Chicken salad with fat free dressing, Shape fat free yogurt, melon and banana

Tea - I made spagetti with slimming world meatballs (extra lean beef mince and the sauce with with passata, onion, carrot and pepper.) mmmm


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S: 10st11lb C: 10st11lb G: 9st2lb BMI: 26.7 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Well another day is done and I have managed to stick to the plan. I've felt a bit wierd today though - bloated and full of gas :( not sure if it's down to the stuff I've been eating?!

I had a hard day at work - ended up having to finish an hour late and am feeling a bit stressed. Ususally I would of thought I deserved a treat and ordered a take away or bought pizza but I've managed to stick with the plan so I'm feeling good about my little self.

Breakfast - two alpen light bars (HE B)

Lunch - Chicken salad with fat free dressing, 2 fat free shape yogurts, banana

Snack - banana

Tea - Chicken with homemade arribiata sauce (passata, red chilli and mushrooms), weight watchers yogurt and melon.

Syns - 3 vodka and cokes :) (I am having a little treat to cover from my stressful day after all) x


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S: 10st11lb C: 10st11lb G: 9st2lb BMI: 26.7 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hello, been somewhat AWOL this week! I had my weigh in on Wednesday and was really pleased to have shifted 2 and a half pounds - woohoo! My mum (who I roped into going with me) lost 4 so she was really pleased with herself to. We had a good laugh at class and I left feeling really motivated. Thursday was manic at work and I never stopped but I'd prepared fruit, yogurt and taken in some trusty Alpen light bars so I made sure I ate on the run.

On Friday I was off work as it was half term so I had my daughter. We were rushing about as she had a dancing exam in the afternoon and I had to take my parents to the airport at lunchtime but as I hung her ballet tights on the line I realised they were laddered :argh:so we raced (in the scorching heat)to the shopping centre to try and replace them. Well (here comes my excuse and I'm cringing even as I make it) :break_diet:I was so hot and flustered and stressed...I bough a mint choc chip ice cream cone for me and my daughter and when I finished mine I ate what was left of hers :sigh: Then I did what I ALWAYS do, rather than being kind to myself, letting it go and sticking to the plan for the rest of the day I think "in for a penny, in for a pound, lets have a bbq"and not a chicken breast, weight watchers sausage type bbq, NOOOO, I go to the butchers and get homemade burgers, sausages and koftah sticks and chicken with spicy coating :eek:
All washed down with three bottles of lager!
So yesterday was a new day, a new start. I had my two alpen bars for breakfast, ham with ww bread for lunch (syned the bread) and another bbq for tea but this time I had a chicken breast and a pork steak with all fat trimmed off, little salad potatoes and a big heap of salad on the side. I also had a couple of glasses of wine which took me over my syns for the day however I am having a day of housework and have some uni work to do tonight so won't be using any syns today (or I plan not to anyway!) so hopefully things will balance themselves out :fingerscrossed:
Anyhoo, breakfast so far has beena hifibar, planning on having baked beans, fruit salad and yogurt for lunch then chicken, pasta and homemade arribiata sauce for tea...I'm hoping a good day today, tomorrow and Tuesday will let me pull things back in time for Wednesdays weigh in and I can maintain (think a loss might be a bit much to hope for!) Hope everyone is having a good week xxx


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S: 10st11lb C: 10st11lb G: 9st2lb BMI: 26.7 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Well I'm back and another 1 and a half pounds lighter - yippee! Had a very busy couple of weeks trying to finish an essay and cram loads of work in so have managed on the plan some days better than others BUT I'm proud of me as have managed a loss when I've had no spare seconds to really give to planning my diet. Only three more weeks at my current workload level though then I'll have some time to spend thinking about ME for a change :) Will hopefully be back recording food diary tomorrow x


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S: 10st11lb C: 10st11lb G: 9st2lb BMI: 26.7 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Aaarrrhhh! Doing soooo well today but desperate for cheese and onion crisps! Just know I'll gobble the packet in less than a minute then loath myself so am trying so hard to resist!!!! Need to save syns for alcohol!

Breakfast - Hi fi bar (HE B)
Lunch - Jacket potato with chopped salad and vlf spread, 2 shape fat free yogurts, grapes
Tea -Ham salad with very low fat salad cream and salad potatos
HE A = milk for coffees through the day

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