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Mini Target!

Good luck, sometimes it is good to set a goal as it helps keep you focused on something you want to achieve, rather then just looking at the big picture of losing the whole of the weight you desire.
OMG! I've set myself one! And anyone who knows me, knows that I feel under pressure when I do one, but I have!! Eeeekkkk!!! It's in my signature! Now, who is gonna make me get to it? Cos I need something to keep me focused!!
I will do it with you Claireybella, because I need help and motivation too.

I will weigh in on Monday Morning and let you know.

We can do it !!!!

You have Elle 's wedding to Mr. Bear and I have Gill arriving................let's go for it
Well ladies, I've just been to the butchers and stocked up on loads of lovely, lean meats. We're having a BBQ tomorrow with friends, so I bought lots of lovely chicken (mainly for me!) and sausages and burgers and ribs for everyone else! This way, I can have the chicken spit roasted, and fill up on salad and pasta, and not feel left out! Go me and my positive thinking! There will be wine though, which I'm gonna have with diet lemonade! :)
The moue the merrier...........she says after 2 glasses of very merry making wine lol

Monday here we come....... we could be The monday Club...........over to you Claireybella...................


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aww this thread is wicked!!! i have just messaged claire to check on how her focus is going??!?!

She can do it when she puts her mind to it - she has just been stuck in a little rut, and been losing and gaining the same few pounds.....

Time to shake it up and shift the poundage Mrs! YOU CAN DO IT!

Right Claireybella my friend.

I have weighed in this morning in preperation for our 14lbs before October.


Next weigh in Monday 08th August.

In the meantime lt's post our progress here.

No I just have to get past drinkies time and all will be well.
Just a thought Claire. Do you plan your meals??

I never have really. It has been a case of what I feel like on the day but I think I'm going to try meal planning.

Today I am going to have scrambled eggs with tomatoes for breakfast. Jacket potato with huge salad for lunch and a quorn shepherds pie with roasted peppers for dinner.

However I will also make a super speed soup and eat loads of melon in between to stave of any cravings and hunger.
You didn't gain though and we have really started from today.

Get * week out of the way and you will see a big difference.

Stick with it !!!! Jus think 14lbs by October..WE CAN DO IT !!!!

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