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Mini Xmas Challenge

Right Ladies lets get geared up & ready to go....
The challenege is to just lose what you want in the next 3weeks Mini challenge end date xmas eve!!
So come on ladies lets fit into those little black dresses!!!

Everybody put there stats in
I'll go first...

I lost 7lb last night at my weigh in
so im now 11st 3lb

Mini xmas goal is to get to 10st 7lb

11lbs to shift
Wish me luck!!!
Good luck to you all
We can do it!!!!​
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hi everyone, my weigh in is mondays but my cdc away until 20 dec, so I'm weighing in on my scales which up to now have been almost same as cdc give or take half a pound

I lost 1 lb last week so I am now 10 st 8lb
My goal is 10 stone by christmas
so I need to lose 8 lb

good luck to everyone
I'll join you ! Would like to be well into the 11's by Christmas - currently 12st6. So I'll go for 10lbs over the next 3 weeks...That will make me 11st10... anything more would be an Xmas bonus !

Good Luck everyone !
I would like to join in hopefully 13 lbs by Christmas


I will get into that wedding dress!
im 11st 8lb so am hoping to lose the 8lbs by xmas! (although am having 4 days off 13th - 16th while i visit mum and dad in spain so hoping not to go mad!!)

we can do it were a bunch of right losers!!!

Hows everyone's week going?

Got my WI on Sat am hoping its going to be a minus. I had a planned night out last Saturday (when I ate a few naughtly thngs) but been back on SS+ with no extra picking so fingers crossed!

I'm determined to get rid of those 7lbs pre christmas!

Nikki x
I will join I wanted to lose two and a half stone by christmas up - to -now I have lost 20lbs so thats 15lbs in three weeks!! 5lb per week :cry:I will just have to work my little ass off ... I mean my big ass off lol.

I WI every tuesday will keep u all updated xx
I missed my WI today as I had a v.important meeting at work and everyone from the office had to be there so couldn't leave..:(:(
Anyway becouse of that i cant see my CDC til monday evening.. so i have to eat and i know it will be so bad for me and i have to start all over again from next week:(

Lost only 4lbs (10days) :(
Hi guys!

Can't quite believe it, my original target was 7 lbs before christmas, this week ......

I lost 5lbs! :)
Current weight: 10st 8lbs
Target to lose before christmas: 2bs to go now

Only 2 more of the wee bliters to go before xmas ;)

I've moved up to 1000 plan as I've got a few nights out coming up so I may struggle over the next few weeks.

I hope everyones had a good week!

Nikki x


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hi I only lost 1lb (but I have been picking) this week so 7 to go. been 100% cd for last 2 days and no picking so hopefully should be better weight loss next week
can i join???

I was 12 st 9 aty last weighin (my first) then had a wobble that week.
Ate tons - been good as gold the last few days and go for my weighin tomorrow.

I wanted to see 11 13 (ie under 12) by xmas
Hiya Ladies - hope you are all well.

have just been for my weekly WI - have lost another 4lbs this week (well 4.5 actually, but I'll stick to whole numbers) - so need to shift another 6lbs in the next 2 weeks to meet my xmas mini goal.


I will get into that wedding dress!
well done! lib!!

i need to get glugging the water!!!!!

Thanks Emmie - can't wait to see those 11's ! (Then the 10's...!)

Re the water - have you tried getting the bottled water with sports type caps ? For some reason I find it much easier to drink lots of water when I have those.
Hi all well done on your great weight losses Ive had my WI tonight and Ive lost 5lbs this week:D

5lb down 10lbs in 2 weeks to go! omg this could be possible to do.

Good luck everyone for next week xx

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