Miniless Weekend!


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Well after breaking my laptop on the ice I have no Minimins access on weekends, just in work :(
I survived my first weekend AND spent most of it with my bf who obviously was eating etc but it didn't bother me and he was really great like instead of ordering his usual Sat night pizza -which would have killed me- he instead heated up a soupfill :)
I feel fantastic, my first weigh in is on Thursday and looking at all your guys results is getting me all excited and motivated yippieeeee :)
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Well done your bf, how nice was that!? Glad you're feeling motivated, keep it up, thurs will be here before you know it!


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ya getting over the weekend is certainly an achievement :) well done


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weekends are the hardest so well done hun :)

irish molly

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Yep, weekends can be tough and well done you for getting through. What bad luck about your laptop. That is a loss. Lots of luck for your weigh in.


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Thanks everyone!
it sounds so silly "ooo i lasted 3 full days!" but being a re-starter it is that little bit harder and I honestly think the weekend was make or break, i'm over the hump now and thrilled to be staying on it for the next 10 weeks!
Love this place!


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Well done Daisy!!!

How did you manage to break it on the ice???


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S: 19st9lb
Aw thanks all, day 5 now and feeling great :)
Ha Chelly I fell on my bum and thought nothing of it cos it didn't hurt (baby got back!) but when i got to work half my laptop screen was all black :( -it had been in my bag bah!