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minx's fantastical shrinkage thread :D~~ <3


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oooh shiney new thread all of my ownsome :)
well! thats me 2 days in to the alli (60g Orlistat) mebobbers and all is well.. no side effects yet so thats a bonus as i was worried about the horror stories i'd read! i dont know, a morbid little part of me actually wants to experience some side effects to let me know that they are working!
so - my planage for this week; try to stick to the <15g fat per meal, eat 3 meals per day, try to keep snacks under control by eating one of those YUMMY(!!!) harvest morn bars (cheapy Aldi alpen light bars but taste better - fact!).
i start work at 8.30 each morning mon to fri so i usually skip b'fast as 7.45 is faaaaaaar too early to even think about eating without boking, yuk! i have a muller light and one of those 70kcal bars at work between seeing patients at aroun 9.30-10am. i figure this 'breakfast' isnt worth wasting a super pill for so i'll take my first one of the day with my lunch at 12pm when i get home. my main meal is at teatime, around 6.30 so i think i'm going to take 2 alli's with this meal as i usually have cheese and olive oil in this meal in some form or another :D thus doubling up my alli pills for this mega meal which will equal one dose of 'proper' Xenical. i'm following a SW kind of eating plan, plenty fruit and veg, no counting but eating healthy food till full.

exercise wise, yesterday myself and hubby went walking in the sidlaws which are a bunch of hills with various trails just outside of the city. we walked for around 2 hours and took in 2 summits (only around 1,000ft each) which were easy enough. looking for much more challenging stuff so we are going to start bagging some Munro's soon (>4000ft) yay! :)
also, we are joining the local sea kayaking club as we did this twice last week and loved it! also did a 10mile bike run last week which was ace so really need to get out on the bike more! god i cant wait to be lighter, its going to make much loved sporty stuff sooooo much easier! and so less embarrassing and mortifying when i see the pics/vidoes! i cringed loads in the winter when i saw video footage my hubby took of me on my snowboard, i'm actually quite good but could've never got back on my board after seeing this size 16 thing toasting down towards the camera trying to look swish :rolleyes: also i had on a wet suit this summer, omg, i looked like 170lb of potatoes in a 100lb sack.

ANYWAY!! this is becomming an essay and its getting late. i hope to write in this thread/journal most days. monday tmrw - boo!!

so, starting at 12st 7lb (5ft 2in) off we go!

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Best of luck minx on your journey, I haven't tried Alli purely because I couldn't afford it but after losing 3 stone on my own efforts the Doc put me on Xenical 5 weeks ago and they are really working, 16lb loss! I know what you mean about B'fast, I don't wake early, retired, but I just can't face food first thing. I, like you, adore cheese and olives, in fact cheese is my downfall I do not have a sweet tooth at all, don't even like chocolate but savouries I crave all the time. Like you I am just eating a healthy diet but watching my fact intake very carefully. I am a night-owl so I try to keep some calories back for a late night treat and so far it seems to be working for me. When you get "Tango'd", my name for the side effect when you have been very naughty you will know if you can keep on eating cheese and olives, best of luck.
Strictly speaking, cheese and olive oil are big no-no's...even in small amounts, because they contain far more than 5g of fat per 100g of product, which is the rule for any food you eat on Xenical...
I wouldn't want you getting caught out with the side-effects :eek:

Good luck on your weight loss journey though - you sound really motivated and I hope you do really well - just keep checking your packets and you'll be fine :)


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hey guys thanks for posting :) madchef you have now got me dreaming about olives and feta :gimi: you've done great, wow 3st + 16lb is huuuuge! unfortunately i got 'tango'd' this morning! at least i now know what is meant by 'side effects'!! to be perfectly honest i did have far more than my allowance of fat yesterday so its not unexplained and i would not like to get tangoe'd again, i tell you!!
alex, you're doing really well i hope i can copy!

ok, so. this 5g per 100g rule/15g fat per meal, i get that we need to eat a low fat diet, but! i <3 cheese. like to the extreme. and i figure that if i am eating my main meal at night and it contains no fat (or <1g) such as brown pasta with tomato pasta sauce say, and i want to add 20g of low fat cheese to put on the top (the kind i buy is 11g fat per 100g), isnt that still within the rule of 'less than 15g of fat per meal'?? it would be what, 2.2g of fat that i'm eating?
surely if i was eating something that was 5% fat, ie 5g fat per 100g and i ate 100g of such a 'low fat product', this would be more than double the fat content in a meal than me having 20g worth of cheese?
I AM CONFUSED! :help2:

as for today, i went to work as normal, ate a porridge pot as i usually do, and then forgot to take my little blue pill, DOH!!
so for lunch i had half a big pitta bread with some soup, yummy! remembered to take my alli then me and my hubby went out for a jog (about 2 miles stop/starting) - what a nightmare trying to keep up with him! he's 6'6 so takes MAHOOSIVE strides when he runs, plus he's lean and fitter than me so i was stuggling to keep up with him to say the least! also, what is with the plague of greenfly around here, has anyone else in other parts of the uk under attack of little green monsters?!
i'm having brown pasta and homemade veggie pasta sauce with cheese on top for tea, going to take my other two alli's then.
so motivated today, i hope it lasts xxxx
Hiya Minx, sorry to hear you have been Tango'd but I thought it might happen with you saying you were having Cheese n Olives as the fat content is just so high and I am like you they are my favourite of all foods and cheese has been my downfall for years.

Top tip, from someone who's been there, DON'T buy any cheese at without checking out the Low Fat and alternative options. One of my favourites' is Parmesan, I know it's not to every ones taste but for a tablespoonful it's just a 40 cal and 2.9 fat content, check out this site for some really useful info on cheeses: Calories in Parmesan Cheese

As far as Olives are concerned, as my Doc told me Xenical makes no difference between good and bad fat as I found out after I had a tinned sardine salad, boy did I get Tango'd because although the Oils in them are good for you they are not for weight which is where Xenical steps in. Dieting is damned hard work, don't you agree ;)
You're right in a way, but you'd have to work out the weight of the entire meal, and the fat content of each part of it, and then work out the percentage fat for the whole meal...far too complicated for most people, especially when they're first starting out...
The thing with Xenical is that it's not just the amount of fat that gives you problems, it's the concentration of fat in your food. So it can be just as problematic to have a small amount of a high fat food, as it would be to have a large amount of a low-ish fat one.

That's not to say that we're all angels and always stick to the 5% rule, but to start with, I'd go back to basics - stick to the rules as accurately as you can, and then gradually introduce the odd thing that you REALLY can't live without, and see how you go on...

A lot of people struggle with oily fish and eggs, as they're both higher in fat than Xenical allows - I never used to have side-effects with salmon, but I did the last time I ate it...I think it depends what you eat it with, and what else you have during the day.

Sorry if I've made this sound even more confusing! It really is easy when you get into a routine and get your head around it :D

And thank you for the compliment :) At the rate I'm going, you'll catch me up in no time! :D


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ahhh the tango... ive not had it bad (just in the loo) so im lucky.. but thats because ive pretty much stuck within the rules.
occasionally i will have something that is 6-7%.

all i can say, is if you want to have cheese, then you have to be prepared to suffer the orange.... it may not happen all the time, but our bodies are so unpridictable!.

hope you are doing ok...

your hubby sounds like mine (although mine is short) he is very athletic, and can go for miles and miles (usually on a bike) and i struggle to catch up!

take care
chat soon!


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alex, what you say about overall fat content and ratio's totally makes sense thank you. i've not had any side effects today so fingers firmly x'd thats the last of that and i know not to mess hehe!
kes, damn those athletic types! so annoying to exercise with but oh so pretty to look at i guess!

today i went to my normal job in the morning and now i'm at my sometimes job which is basically a doddle and good for the extra pennies and i only do it for a day or two for a couple of weeks of the summer hols but that doesnt stop me complaining about having to work twice in the same day when my hubby is at home with my daughter for 6 weeks, gah!!! damn teachers and their holidays... :p
diet-wise i have been algelic today! had my usual fat free muller light and 70kcal wonder-bar from Aldi for breakkies on the go at work and no blue pill obviously.. for lunch i got home and my hubby had cooked homemade pasta sauce and pasta for me when i got in a 12 so i can't complain too much about him being a part-timer lol!
i'm here working now 2-9 so i've brought left over pasta and sauce with me plus CHEESE(!!!) on the top for tea *naughty grin*
the pasta and sauce has no fat (or maybe <1g) and the cheese is 2.2g fat for the 20g i have on there, but within the whole meal if must be about 0.5% as my tupperware tub must weigh about a kilo lol, its hauuuge! i've got another magic-bar for afters choc orange yum yum! and i'm going to take two alli tabs after dinner.

i dunno if anyone else suffers from this but i'm drinking loads of tea, i cant stop! usually not fussed at all, maybe 1-2 cups per day max usually but lately i'm drinking 5+cups :O

exercise, i cant do any today as stuck on an army base in a medical centre so i kinda feel like i need de-bounced!

hope everyone is having a lovely tuesday, most boring day of the week - FACT! nevermind, it's hump day tmrw :) and no, not that kind. we is the hump and when youre past the hump its all downhill to the weekend :)


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yes oh so good to look at!! lol

i drink more tea than i used to.. and over winter i was very much into sugar free squash made up with boiling water... somehow managed loads of that...

its all fluid at the end of the day... and good for you. (as long as you are not having loads of sugar and milk)


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hello lovilies :)
today i'm doing overtime in my normal job so sitting waiting for patients to come in and bored senseless! still, there's nothing but cotton wool and rubber gloves to eat here so i'm safe from the dreaded munchy monster :D
i've been really good today actually, had my usual wonder-bar and muller light for breakkies, met my parents, hubby and 2 yr old for lunch at morrisons and had a baked tattie salad and beans, they all had either battered fried fish and chips or macaroni and chips so felt somewhat heavenly and smug! my friend who i havent seen in an eon because of me being busy is coming round for tea tonight and my lovely hubby is cooking roast chicken, veg, dry roasted tatties and low fat gravy for our tea, what a star he is!!
i had a peak on the scales today (one week since cutting down and 5 days since beginning Alli) and i'm 1.5lb down so far. not alot but i lose weight reeeeeeaally slowly and hadnt lost anything for about 3 weeks previously whilst trying hard with SW diet, this prompted me to go to doc to request orlistat so i'll take my -1.5lb and be happy about that :) hopefully by fri that'll make 2lb and losing this most weeks will see me at goal in no time :D

hope you're all having a nice hump day, i'm off to make (another!) cup of tea before my next app.



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ahhhhh... i love soap nights!! yet another on-track day, (where am i getting this willpower from?!), and i'm vegging out on the sofa watching tv, love it! had the usual mullerlight and aldi choccy orange bar for breakkies at work, beans on toast (2 slices) for lunch and veggie brown pasta for tea with a spoonful of parmesan on the top followed by a choc brownie ww dessert (love!!!). its weigh in day tmrw! though i might as well not even have one as i've been on the scales every morning for the past 6 days so i already have a preeeetty good idea how much i'm in for :) i was 2.25lb down today which is great. no exercise again for me today :( was dressed and ready to go out for a jog after tea but i've been feeling a bit yuk today and just thought, ya know what, i'm really not up for this so got my jammies on and now i'm feeling guilty on the sofa. been getting weird dreamy-like/dizzy feelings all day which, i know is some weird virus thing thats going round as my mum and a couple other folk i know have had it. think i've got it very mildly but its making me feel a bit sick and i keep on leaning to the right whenever i move lol.
long day at work tmrw (poop) and i'm not off any days till next fri :( thats 12 days of working in a row which sucks! but actually might be pretty good kickstart to the diet as weekends are diet danger times for me as i celebrate days off with over-indulgent food!
anyway, i babble... cup of tea time!!
Hi minx, I went looking for these harvest morn bars you rave on about and could only find apple and summer fruit ones (that where within the fat content allowed). No mention of a choc and orange variety, was I looking for the wrong thing? Harvest Morn Benefit I think was the product name.


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hey poogatch :D them be the ones! sad they didnt have the choc orange ones dude :( its pretty hit and miss what varieties they have when i buy mine, thats why i look like a complete wonder bar buying fool as i buy about ten boxes of each!

weightloss wise this week, thats been about 9 days on the little blue pills and i've lost 3.5lb so far - pretty happy about that. does anyone know how much you need to lose per month on average to please the old prescribing powers that be? i think its 10% bodyweight in 3 months or is that too much and is it 5%? i cant remember....
anyways, either way - 5% of mine is about 8lb and 10% is 1st 2lb. sounds doable if i can keep this up - this whole being good all the time is very trying!
hope everyone is getting on ok, enjoying reading everyones diary threads, keep posting! xx


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thanks KB and joany :)
i dont think losing some weight will be the hardest part tbh, i reckon actually gettin an app will be the toughest battle! my surgery books up all the pre-bookable appointments 2 weeks in advance :O blinkin nightmare of a surgery! xx


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well i've been neglecting my diary thread havent i! just a wee not to say i'm still here, still sticking to it, not weighing myself at all as i cant take the loss/gain/loss/gain yoyo throughout the weeks! i run out of my first months pills next monday so fingers and toes firmly crossed for a loss! hope everyone else is doing well xx
Maybe you can make an appointment with a Nurse who can weigh you and then get a prescription for you

Have you taken your measurements yet as they can boost your morals so much as, well with me anyway, I find that my measurements drop before the weight does, that's why I am being optimistic about my weigh in with the Doc's next week as I have lost a full inch of my waist,


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well done joany thats brilliant :D
yeah, i can definitely feel a difference. i've only lost 4lb but i'd say i'm nearly half a size down in my clothes now. got a weddind on sept 10th then a week in blackpool on sept 18th so trying really hard to lose a few more lb's before then. i dont think nurses can prescribe orlistat, but i dont mind seeing my doc next week - trying to get an app is the hardest bit lol.. on my scales i weigh my patients with i've lost 2kg, its sad that that looks measley on the old fashioned scales hehe :) xx
Minx what happens with me is I make an appointment to see the nurse, she weighs me and then goes through to the doctor who does the prescription which she gives to me. Saves me taking up a whole appointment with him for a quick weigh-in.


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