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mirena coil help

Hi Ive had my mirena coil 5 years march and tomorrow its got to come out :eek: But the strings have gone?
I have had depression bad ibs weightgain moods of hell and I read this can be side effects of the coil.....
Has anyone else had this?
What to do have a new one or go without?
I bet I have to have a general a to have it removed......:confused:
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Hi hun. When you go to get it removed, the Dr will obviously realise it is missing and generally she will try to find it and remove it using some long tweezer type thing. If she can't get it, you will be sent an appointment for a ultra sound scan to determine where abouts it is and then they will go from there. The same thing has just happened to a collegue of mine. Make sure you use extra protection as obviously you won't be covered now I don't think. xx


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I have the Mirena and i have had no side affects! I had the depo previously and it gave me depression, made me bleed continuously and produce milk right at the very end! Which was scary!

With the Mirena im fine, had a mini period and i freaked out but the doctors saw me and all is ok.

The side affects you would normally recieve with the Mirena are the same as those with the pill because apparently its only 1 7th the dosage of the pill but more effective because of where it is.


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I don't know much about the coil but have you considered the implant? I was on Depo for years and had problems with it. I'm now on the implant and so far so good. Although everyone reacts differently to birth control don't they.


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I don't know much about the coil but have you considered the implant? I was on Depo for years and had problems with it. I'm now on the implant and so far so good. Although everyone reacts differently to birth control don't they.
Depo and the implant have the same hormones in them, the difference is that one stays in your arm. If they dont work they arent "easy fixes" either.

I think its better getting advice from your own doctor about this sort of thing though. :)


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i had the mirena and when it got taken out i was soooooo bloody happy made me so unhappy, made my skin horrible, my sex drive was non existant and it caused cervical eroision, and getting that sorted hurt sooooooooooooooooooooo much! i would personally always recommend not having it purely for the fact that its a hassel to get it out if its not wanted any more. i doubt you'll need a general to have it removed..... more likely they'll poke about until they find it.
Hello i had to have mine out after just 8 weeks, it was hell, they put it in me as i have Endo and PCOS it took 5 seconds litrally for my GP to take it out yet an hour to get the thing in, never again i had a constant monthly and the worst ever pinching feeling i sat there day after day in tears both from pain and depression but had to give it the 8 weeks trial b4 they would take it away ! x
Thabks guys Im not looking forward to having it out but I had 8 years infertility treatment and if you go through that you just learn to blank it out,I have had bad IBS and depression since I had it also I was never as heavy as when I didnt have it?
Who knows I appreciate everyones help heres to having it out,I think I'll have 2 months without and see if I prefer it?


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
seems like a good idea size10. and then you can see if your normal cycle comes back quickly and then judge which is the lesser of 2 evils.... however the mirena coil is nortorious for depressing and mood swings, i have just started a new pill called loestrin 20 and my mood swings have totally disappeared its amazing, so maybe trying the pill again may be an option?
Hi it was taken out last night couldnt be found at first then it took 5 seconds and Ive had more pain with a cut so all good,wait and see if Im better with or without anything for 2 months :confused:
Thanks for your advice xx


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I have the Mirena - had a general to put it in. I have ad it just over 2 yrs and love it.

I was incredibly hormonal in the few few months of having it though. I felt dreadful each month. I am not good with progesterone. But my GP gave me a script for Fluoxetine 20mg daily and it has changed my life.

So my mirena has sorted out my gynae problems and the fluoxetine has sorted out the side effect of the mirena. Fabbo!!!!


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I was due to have the mirena fitted but had to wait as i had pelvic inflammatory disease. I now can't have it fitted , and tbh am glad after reading about all the bad experiences evryone has had. I am now having the implant instead. Hope it all goes ok for you.x


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I think everyone has different experiences with different things. I had an extremely bad time with the Depo injection and as the implant is the same the doctors simply said no, so i have the coil and as i've said before its fine! Theres 4 of us at work who have it and highly rate it.
My best friend got pregnant on the Mirena coil and it was eptopic and nearly died as did my supervisor at work,I akso know 5 other people that hated it. The consultant doctor at the hospital said alot of people have had problems with it and alot of peole havent like everything in life its suits some and some it doesnt suit

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