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Miserable...I've learnt nothing!

Hi All

Thanks for your support yesterday when i announced i had reached 100 days. I am still very motivated - need to be cos still a long way to go!

BUT... I feel like crap today, think i'm coming down with something, so after dragging myself into work this morning came home mid morning feeling very sorry for myself and made myself a bacon sandwich. I even let chatterbox take over a little and tried to convince myself that i may be feeling unwell because i have done 100 days and maybe i actually needed to eat!!!

Did it make me feel better? NO!!! :cry: Now i feel even more sorry for myself.
I've obviously learnt nothing!!
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If it's any consolation, I'm a CDC and I've learned nothing either!!!

I go from feast to famine to feast again with monotonous regularity.

And yet, at least there is one thing I've learned - I can always go back to SS the weight back off when I've lost control again.

Not ideal - far better to maintain a stable weight - but I haven't managed to crack that one yet.

We are but human, hun. Don't be too hard on yourself.



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Awww hun - don't be so hard on urself :(

100 days is a LONG time to go without food....well done on getting that far ! and on your fab weight loss :)

put the bacon sarnie behind you....and start afresh - don't undo all your great work....

love and hugs



Gone fishing
I've obviously learnt nothing!!
Awwww. Just pick yourself up and dust off. You'll be fine.

Learning things is different from putting them into practice. That's the hard bit, and you get better the more practice you do. Takes time. You'll get there.

Cherry Plum

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Aww don't beat yourself up over it, you've done brilliantly to get to where you are, its only a blip, you've still got lots to learn, its only been 100 days, keep going, you are doing so well.


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Hiya Pokestar,
think back prior to lighterlife, my guess is that you would have had more than a bacon sandwich...

Draw a line in the sand and forget it, you have done soo well, claim your success girl, coz it's yours :D

Back to it now, keep your eyes on the prize :p



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You have learnt something - that when you have something you haven't "allowed yourself" you feel bad. Next time you are tempted, you'll think of how bad you felt this time round and won't have it.

You have done so well - and as Geri said what would you have had before LL????


has started again!!
Please please please dont be down about a very human issue!!

I reached the end of my week 12 last night, and we are all moving to developers next week, as we are all on slightly diff weeks. I had a kind of mental blip myself last night. Went to the cupboard for a mushroom soup, and ended up cramming chocolate, malt loaf, chocolate croissant, then cheese slices (whole pack), and heaven only knows what else in my fat face. None of it even tasted that good, and there was no control at all. I felt so sick afterwards (in fact I WAS sick.). I felt guilty as heck all night, and woke up feeling like total poo.

But now I am OK. I have thought about what I did and why, dealt with it and moved on. Back on ss-ing totallt now!!

Hey, if I can sort this stuff out, anyone can, honestly! Please hang in there!!



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You Have Come So Far Honey
Don't Beat Yourself Up Over A Little Blip
Just Get Back On The Pathway And Follow It
You Have Done Well
Aww big hugs...just get back on the wagon & into it again! Look at why you did it & move on...Have to say bacon sarnie...yummm - I always have them with marmalade & really find the smell quite torturous now!! Hang in there girl! Dont let one cock up bugger it up compleatly!


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Don't worry pokerstar, everyone experiences days like these. It's perfectly understandable that you wanted something to eat if you didn't feel very well. I am sure you will feel a lot brighter in the morning and will be right back on track!! :D

Mrs Lard

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Hi pokerstar

How are you feeling now? Hope you stopped beating yourself up after all the lovely comments of support (which I echo). Just congratulate yourself on doing 100 days - that's a massive achievement.

Hope you were able to wake up this morning and feel better (and very proud of your Foundation achievement)! That's what you need to focus on!

Mrs L xx
Hi All

Thank you so much for your support.

I am feeling much better today and i am more determined than ever to finish this damn diet at 10 1/2 stone and not a 1lb before!

Thanks again

Christina x

Mrs Lard

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Yes, very well done and glad you are back on track! It shows how strong you are AND how much you have learnt.

Enjoy your weekend.

Mrs Lxx

(PS thanks for the rep comment. Much appreciated.)
Hi All

Thank you so much for your support.

I am feeling much better today and i am more determined than ever to finish this damn diet at 10 1/2 stone and not a 1lb before!

Thanks again

Christina x
Morning Christina - glad you're feeling better AND are back on track :)

look forward to reading about your successes as you continue on your weight loss journey !




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Hey Christina, remember how hard you found it at the beginning, you have worked so hard and done so well, you must try to get back on track. I know only too well how hard it is to get back on track and was naughty last night.

I am on a roll this morning I am going to get this damn weight off if its the last thing I do.
We can do this together girl.

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