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Hi everyone

I've made it to day 4! How i really do not know! I had the worst day yesterday, felt hungry, tired, headaches and really down. I don't feel hungry today but i'm still having problem with packs....i can't stand them. The only ones i can just bear are chicken and chocolate and i've tried some of the recipes still i can only manage half of the pack!!!!!. I actually dread having to have one and think i would actually prefer to have nothing. I've got up this morning with the runs and how i have not vomited yet i will never know!:jelous:
I so want and need to do this that i'm determined not to give up but i'm miserable and very tearful.:cry:

Christina :wave_cry:
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aww god thats not good.

have u tried ringing ur LLC s she might have something to suggest. next week see if u can have some bars as that might make u feel better. they r nice.

i do CD but its more or less the same diet and i love the bars. can only have one a day though.

sorry i cant come up with anything more clever to say :(

someone else will probably be along in a mo



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Hi Christina

Sorry you are having such a hard time. I'm guessing that the packs will seem nicer when you are used to them. I think in the mean time you just have to think of them as medicine. You MUST have them though. I guess you've probably already tried them more diluted and have you tried the chocolate hot? I was on Cambridge but much prefered the chocolate hot than cold.

Stick at it for a few more days and then mention it to your group leader I'm sure she/he will be able to help.

Hope you have a better day today.

Dizzy x


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Pokerstar I'm so sorry for you.

Have you got any of the flavoured water? If you like that then hold your nose whilst you drink a pack and then quickly have some flavoured water afterwards to take away the taste. If you hold your nose you shouldn't be able to taste them. Half the reason you feel so miserable is probably because your body has hardly had anything for a while. That has probably got you down aswell. After doing this for a couple of days then you may start to feel stronger again. That's when you should try tasting the packs again. They do honestly get better. I actually look forward to having my soups and shakes now, although I never felt as bad as you. I love mixing the vanilla in the blender with a bit of coffee, sweetener tablet, water and ice. It's delicious. I don't normally drink coffee but I can drink that.

I hope things get better for you! Keep smiling:)


I really sympathise. I am on day 5 and can only stomach the chocolate at the moment. I find the best way to get through them is to use a hand blender to make sure there are no lumps, have it as cold as possible, as thick as I can drink it so it's gone quicker, and to have a glass of water & a coffee righ beside me that I can drink straight after to get rid of the taste.
I'm doing LL, I don't like any of the bars or any of the soups, I am thinking about buying some of the CD soups & bars from ebay & replacing some of the LL ones with these.


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Hiya Cord please don't buy them from Ebay, some of the products on their are proven counterfeit and could put your health at risk. If you want CD products then just call CD counsellors and get some (and I promise that isn't just because I am one).



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Ho Pkerstar

So, your not doing to good then babe. Chin Up;) Ditto to what everyone else has said. Think of the packs as medicine, get them down ya ( I know very well how hard it is:mad: ) If you manage to have 4 packs a day you will feel sooooooo much better hun......

Good luck and let us know how you are getting on xxxxxx


Thanks for the advice moose, I never even thought about the possibility of counterfeit CD/LL stuff. Will a CDC still sell me some CD products even though I am doing LL?


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LL packs on ebay actually seem to sell for more than they are worth as well so I expect CD packs will be the same

It is possible in a week or 2 the packs may become more paletable for you, heres hoping anyway