Misleading information - grapefruit and statins

In a couple of threads recently I have mentioned that people should not have grapefruit if they take statins (pills taken to lower cholesterol).

Because of a discussion on one of those threads I did some research and I find that I may have been misleading, for which I apologise.

This problem does not affect all statins, so if you take them, check the information in the pack. Also, most sources say that grapefruit juice should be avoided but that the fruit itself is OK (if you were drinking the juice you would consume a fair amount of grapefruit in a small glass, whereas you would be unlikely to eat more than one fruit, or even a half).

I didn't mean to confuse anyone - sorry if that has happened.

There is more information in this discussion

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My pack says to not eat grapefruit, so I guess that, as you say, some statins do apply.


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doesn't affect me personally, but fair play to you for posting this thread, what a lovely thought. at least you have looked into it now and made more people aware of reseaching and checking their own individual medication.

My morning concoction is like a smartie party! lol.

I just think its great that you are encouraging people to look at their info leaflets, having worked in the NHS I know that most people just take meds blindly and assume that the doctors would mention anything pertinent, but its not always the case as they dont always have time.
Before I retired I was a researcher, and lots depended on my giving people the right information. If I ever made a mistake - and we all do, or we wouldn't be human - I would move heaven and earth to make sure that I contacted the relevant people and put it right. Sometimes people were amazed that I would ring up and admit "sorry, I was wrong about that", but I could never bear the thought that someone might do something critical based on my misinformation.

When I first started to take all this medication, I went to my doctor with the leaflets and cross-questioned him on the small print. He was a bit surprised - couldn't remember anyone doing that before!


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Lol I do that too! I go in with a list, and all the leaflets from the meds highlighting the parts where it said not to take with certain meds, that I was already on... my doses were low so it was ok, but he also said that he wished everyone was as attentive and read their leaflets.

I was like, its my body, why wouldn't be attentive?? then I worked for the NHS, and saw that people just blindly take what they are given..



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I find that grapefruits give me coldsores. Anyone know of any reson for this?