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Missed shake???

:wave_cry:Just realised that i missed one of my shakes yesterday:eek: (first meal ive ever missed in my life, might i add!!!:cry:)

Now i think im paying for it as today has been craving central, im going mental for spag bol:jelous:....i swear i can nearly taste the fecking thing, my mouth is watering as i type.:jelous:

My question is do i continue on with my 3 shakes a day or do I have my missed one today?
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Me Too! I've did it a couple of times *ashamed* I've been so busy sometimes I'm flopping into bed and thinking 'OMG I forgot to shake!' but it's way too late to put the blender on as it sounds like a fighter plane.

Me and you are the same person!! Freaky! Spag bol is the only food I crave!! It wasn't even a favourite before. It's the only food I've cooked that I really wanted. Weird eh.

I just continued with my 3 shakes next day. I missed two last week and one this week. You really can't be doing that as you need them for all you vitamins and minerals *slaps both of us*

Hahaha at the first meal you've ever missed!
Ok...confession time... I'M ALWAYS MISSING SHAKES!!
Not intentionally I have to say. I actually have half my shakes left and WI day is tuesday. I'm really struggling getting them into me.
What I'm gonna do is set three different alarms to remind me to have them. It's kind of pathetic like but if it gets me to get them all down then all gouda.

So if you two are getting slapped I must be gettin the tripe beat outta me!


Positivity is the key
Hi Despardo,
have your 3 today and try to remember them all from now on. The spag bol is only in your head. We always say on here there will always be food after LT. When I have ever had a craving I just tell myself that I already know what it tastes like so it's not like it is going to be so different now, so what would be the point in having it. I never feel the craving again once I have this little conversation with myself.
Set the alarm on your mobile if it helps but as you are on such few calories, you need the shakes but mainly for the nutrition.
So consider all 3 of you slapped, happy shaking.
LMAO -thanks for that Doirin. Never once to mince words are ya? LOL

I'm gonna have a double shake soon cus I've only one in me today -I know it's really bad especially since the main argument in support of TFR is the nutritionally complete aspect! Which flies out the window if you're not actually having them. Not to mention it'll slow down losses because the body goes into starvation mode.

So hey DESI! Get them into ye...!!!(and I will too)

Remember? 'Do it properly or not at all!'. :D
I really can't comprehend missing one!

At the moment I'm living from one to the next....and virtually licking the glass clean too!

Don't end up sending your bods into starvation girlies!

I really can't comprehend missing one!

At the moment I'm living from one to the next....and virtually licking the glass clean too!

Don't end up sending your bods into starvation girlies!

I know! I don't really get it tbh! Before on it I was watching the clock til my next one -and don't get me wrong I drain the life from them, but I think it's helped me to not focus on them quite so much. Gonna work opn finding some middle ground, I'm really not intentionally missing them.

And don't you start Desi either or I'll be up to whoop your ass!! You may be my big sis but I'll still get ye!...(from behind my sofa shouting very loudly!!!)
My friend at work is also on LT and she has "admitted" to only having two shakes most days. Her weight loses have been quite low considering that she has (like myself) a substantial amount of weight to lose.

I'm not sure if this is the reason why but I question whether her body might be in starvation mode and just holding on (for dear life) to any and every calorie she has consumed.

I've been guilty of it myself too - have slapped myself good and proper, by the way - and feels it just leaves my mind open to temptation. I start thinking "well, I'm roughly 150 cals down for the day - surely one small wafer thin mint wouldn't hurt". It's not good.

I know it's almost like forcing them down you sometimes but Doirin's right, it's the bare essentials nutrition we need to keep going - in all senses.
Thanks everyone for the replies, its duely noted MUST HAVE THREE!!!

Consider myself well and truely slapped!!

OH ya will Blacky will ya....ya awful brave from behind that sofa!!!! lmao xx

I'm tellin mummy on yoooou!

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