Missie plus LM plus Greta equals fat fighters extraordinaire ...

Discussion in 'Very Low Calorie Diets' started by GretaGrip, 25 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. GretaGrip

    GretaGrip Gold Member

    Apologies for dire thread title.

    Fresh start?

    This is me ... 5 ft 4 , very chubby size 10 ( ok, 12 ) and 12lbs to lose before June 8th. Nothing like leaving it to the last minute eh?

    Hello girls! How's tricks?

    I've decided to start today and not stuff all weekend as I usually would. So I've begun with a home made shake! 400 mls of almond milk, half a small banana and a pot of fat free Greek yogurt all whizz end up together. Total calories - 200 if that. Lunch will be a salad of some description with cottage cheese and dinner will be a protein bar. I'm working 2-7 PM and am on my feet for that time so hopefully that'll help a bit.

    I'm going low calorie but not quite CD etc.

    What's all your news ?
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  3. GretaGrip

    GretaGrip Gold Member

    So you're only about a stone up from lightest weight then? You'll easily shift that before the warmer weather
  4. MissieCB

    MissieCB Gold Member

    Hey girl, so your in exactly the same place as me the dreaded 12lbs over stage!!!
    Right lets do this we will get through this yeah....imagine how hot we will look on holiday.
    Im starting running monday as im away this weekend and this is the last big one til my holiday on the 7th of June also :)

    Loved the thread title its brilliant...wonder how long will take mumma to find it loool.

    done ok today had a shake so just pondering lunch....off to devon to see one of my bridesmaids so I know tomorrow will be off plan. Will make the right choices though im determined.

    WHY DO WE LEAVE THINGS TIL THE LAST MIN.........I swore I wouldnt do that!
  5. weebuns

    weebuns Fasting Rocks

    Are you all doing fasting??
  6. MissieCB

    MissieCB Gold Member

    Hey were all doing different bits and bobs i think..
  7. LauraLooLa

    LauraLooLa Gold Member

    It's so wrong that I'm jealous you're all on the dieting wagon. I'll sit back and read about all of your fabulous skinniness while I get fatter over the next 6 months...then maybe I'll be back to it :D
  8. MissieCB

    MissieCB Gold Member

    Looool come join us if I can do it u can xxxx

    On the train for my weekend away!!!! Having a vodka and slim tonic by by wine!!!! Starting officially Sunday!!!
  9. LauraLooLa

    LauraLooLa Gold Member

    Nah I'm up the duff and failing at the whole 'you don't need to eat for two' thing :D
    Have some extra booze for me. X
  10. GretaGrip

    GretaGrip Gold Member

    Ooh congrats!! When are you due?

    Ok epic fail today so I swear I'll be back to it Sunday!!! Cos nobody diets on a Saturday do.they!!!

    Missie - what plan you following

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  11. LauraLooLa

    LauraLooLa Gold Member

    Thanks. End of Oct.

    I've literally just opened the door to these...there is no hope! I'll be a weeble before I know it.

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  12. littlemumma

    littlemumma Gold Member

    Firstly congrats laura wowsers!!!!! Amazing news ;)

    So girls here I am on my night shift. Writing to u after consuming a lot of paté on crusty bread arrrrgh!!!! Ive been so good too!! Hmmm well ive slightly morw to lose than u. Weighed in at 11st 8lbs yuckkk!!! So I need to lose approx 1 st 4lbs will do nicely.

    My way... 2 shakes. 2 snacks. 1 small meal. Cals per day 900 ish..
    I really think we need to get back posting on here like we did before if we have any chance of keeping at it.
    I feel uncomfortably chubby atm. Its been a very hectic few weeks. With moving. Birthdays. Ill children etc etc... but as of sunday I cant think of much that shud get in the way. Ive got different working rota too. So gym will be accessible again. X

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  13. MissieCB

    MissieCB Gold Member

    Hey Laura that's amazing congrats xxxxx we will still be here gore u when u wanna come back xxx

    Do yeah let's make a pack to be honest and keep up the thread til we get wherever wanna be xxxx

    Last day today before I start xxx in Devon and it's beautiful xxxx just wanna ride horses all day xx

    Mumma how did u have ur hair for the wedding x
  14. Dietninja

    Dietninja Loves cake!

    Subscribing to lurk, hope that's ok...

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  15. littlemumma

    littlemumma Gold Member

    I had it all curled then gripped back into a big curly bun type thing.... tried to post a pic but stupid phone wont allow it!!!

    So ive just awoken from my night shift. Late lol!! Meant to b on shift by 8 lol. Finish at 3! Ive got the girls round tonight. So thats going to be messy! Tomorrow I guess il do my best to stay on track. But we'll see!!! Defo monday is the real start.

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  16. GretaGrip

    GretaGrip Gold Member

    I'm in! I'll post every day and get back to target. Today I've eaten...

    A ricotta, goats cheese and gig sandwich

    Granola and full day yogurt

    Lemon meringue pie and ice cream
    Mint poppets
    Toffee poppets
    Wine gums

    *Snip*that's bad even by my own low standards. Eek!

    It's a last hurrah though and tomorrow I WILL be good, even.if the effort kills me

    I've got a party next Saturday. I feel too fat to even contemplate it right.now. Ugh! I'm aiming for a very ambitious 7lbs off by then. That's only achievable with a VLCD so.that's what I intend to do!

    Welcome all lurkers! The above list of food is not a recommended daily intake by the way!

    Let's get on with this!!!

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  17. GretaGrip

    GretaGrip Gold Member

    Unsure what a gig sandwich is. I possibly meant fig! Damn you autocorrect

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  18. MissieCB

    MissieCB Gold Member

    Ummm fig sandwich that's different!!!!

    Mumma hangover?

    Right day one and I'm not excited.....dying for a niacin sandwich x but leaving Devon today at 1 so gotta get through til then xxx.

    First shake in bag ready!!! Yum
  19. littlemumma

    littlemumma Gold Member

    Yesss hungover!!!! Lol ate a lot!!!! Drank a lot!!!! No diet today. Feel yuk. But tomorrow is on!!!! X

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  20. MissieCB

    MissieCB Gold Member

    No hangover for once and first shake down xxxx

    Focused and up for it x
  21. littlemumma

    littlemumma Gold Member

    Well done missie :) im ordering a chinese tonight lol!!! But im in a good place to start diet tomoro. Im even on the edge of booking a holiday for june so I have something to work for. It was so easy before as I knew I had my wedding coming up so I had to stay on track. Been lots harder this time with nothing to work for. But tomorrow. ... im booked on a spin class and have got lots of food ready to eat healthy. Plus my shakes ;)

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