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mission to shrink


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well, here i go.
no more pretending things are going to happen tomorrow.
no more ' i will start a diet next week, i cant afford cd, my willpower isnt strong enough, i have too much stress in my life'
the sad fact is if i dont do something NOW i may not have a life for very long.
so here i am..... at the end of day one of my 3rd and FINAL cd journey.
i have a long way to go.
im sure at some point i will share my starting weight but right now the shame of it prevents me from even sharing it with my partner :(.
i have been asked to be my sisters bridesmaid in october this year so hopefully between now and then i can get to or very close to my goal.... im not even sure what my ultimate goal is.
i just know i dont want to be the fat bridesmaid. for once i want to be the one that blends with the others. no more do i want to feel like i am being whispered about.
i have been obese since i was about 8 or 9 and sadly am now classed as super morbidly obese :cry:.
so ive never been slim or even close to slim in my adult life so i have no idea what size or weight i should be.
i would love to say i want to be a size 10 and weigh 9stone but i dont know my frame size really and although i would love to think of me as a size 10 it is very hard to even imagine the image :rolleyes:.
time will tell as i get closer to goal i guess.
i am writing this diary in the hope i can look back when i have bad days and relive the enthuiasm i feel right now.
would also be nice if my positive feelings (which i hope to keep :rolleyes:) can help others in their journeys.
i have myself been lifted by reading other cd'ers diaries and have been inspired and motivated many times.
so, (lifts a glass of water) here's to a journey of a lifetime.
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hey cheryl.... unfortunately i'm struggling to lose weight myself and also new to the site so have no advice yet... but u do sound very hard on yourself.... even if you're not your ideal weight 'yet' you're alive to tell the tale...... i've learnt 'from experience' that stress can also make u gain/lose weight..... try to focus on new possibilities if u have no hope its hard to be convinced by others...... i know how u feel tho but at the same time chin up honeybun.... its only weight it can do with determination and effort! so lets do this! 2gether! xox bless ya xx


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hi majik, hope ur doing well :D

had my first weigh in today.
i was a little nervous as my weigh in was at 4pm and by that time ive consumed a fair amount of water so i knew there was a chance of my weight loss not being as much as i expected.....
well, i was actually pleasantly surprised to see that i have lost 9lbs :D.
on top of that i did my measurements this morning ( i will add them to this page when i have the courage to give my starting weight too :eek:).
i have lost 2 inches of my waist and an inch off my hips.... nothing off my bust whatsoever :rolleyes:.
i am actually feeling really good right now and definately have the motivation to face the oncoming week. :D