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Missy's First WI

Ok - so just come back from my second group and my first WI. In the last 7 days I've lost a grand total of 8.6lb. Trouble is I'm slightly disappointed by it - I wanted more! A few others in the group were talking about how much they lost in their mid-week pop-in and some of them lost more halfway through the week than I've lost in a whole week - I swear they looked at me pitifully!
I know I shouldn't compare myself to others but its soooo difficult not to when everyone seems to be losing more than me - its not like I haven't got enough spare and I've stuck to the packs and water religiously!

Also- the water flavourings have been a life saver this week but the side effect of drinking them is indigestion and trapped wind (nice!) - I spoke to my LLC about this but she didn't seem to be aware of this as a side-effect. I know its the water flavouring because they have sugar alcohols in them (polyols) which has had this effect on me before (when I used to eat sugar free chocolate)
I thought charcoal tablets would probably help with this but my LLC said she'd never heard of these and couldn't guarantee they wouldn't effect my weight loss.
Can anyone help me with this? I really don't want to give up the water flavouring but the trapped wind etc is getting too much!


MM x
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Hey Musical Missy, 8.6llbs is great! Well done. As for the trapped wind not sure but maybe peppermint tea as it helps digestion quite a lot?
Keep up the good work, Kerrie x


has started again!!
Well done on your great WI! Remember, its your journey, so never compare with others!!!

Lecture over!!! As for the water flavours, my wind was never trapped (!!!!) but there was lots of it. Now I restrict myself to just one glass of flavour a day!! My LLC said it can be used to help if you are a bit bunged up, but sadly it didnt do the job for me at all!

Keep going !!


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It's a great loss and how do you know that tomorrow morning you won't be 3 lbs lighter? Answer is - you don't!

I get terrible wind from the fruit flavourings too. I can't believe your LLC has never encountered this - a lot of us refer to 'windy pops' almost constantly!

mini mouse

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well done. you should be really proud of yourself. I just got back from my 2nd class too. I lost 9.4 lb so a similar amount. I had hoped for double figures, but didn't quite make it. still I'm really happy because it would take me months (literally) to lose this amount on any other diet.

at this ratye we'll have out 1st stone in no time:)

mini mouse
Hi Missy,

Congrats - 8.6lbs is a fantastic weight loss! There's certainly no need to be disappointed about that :) It's important not to get too hung up on comparing your weight losses to other people's, as everything tends to even out in the end. Proof of the pudding for me was when in week 3 of LL I lost the least amount of weight in my group, and in week 4 I lost the most!

As for the trapped wind - all I can say is I wish mine was trapped! (Probably a bit too much information there, sorry!!) I'm sure it's the water flavourings... lol

Hey Missy :D
8.6lb's is a great loss! It's tricky not to compare but you really must try not to. I was the fastest loser in my group throughout Foundation and am now the slowest! Everyone who had a similar amount to lose as I did has caught up. Absolutely everyone here will tell you similar stories and there's just no rhyme or reason to it, but it will come off, quickly or slowly with a good few ups and downs inbetween! And 8.6lbs is definitely not slow!!

Sorry can't help on the trapped wind situation. I have the water flavours everyday and have never suffered any side effects at all, but there are a lot of Mini's who have. I'm sure someone will be along soon with some advice :D


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Well done Missy on your 8.6lbs. off:clap:

As the others have said you really should not compare your weight loss to others, even though we may all be guilty of it:(

In the first week a lot depends on what the others were eating before starting and how big their individual glycogen store was.

You may well find in coming weeks that there will be times when you lose more.

Love Mini xxx


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Hi Missy

Well done on your loss this week. You've lost loads, I lost 4lb (?) in my first week and was really disappointed.

Well done you, keep up the good work and remember if you feel hungry, tired, emotional, or anything else - drink more water!!! Well, that's what my LLC says anyway.

Good luck for another good week.
Hi well done on you great weight loss keep going there will soon be a slimmer you emerging


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How can you be disappointed!

OMG MM - I go for my first weekly weigh in tomorrow night and I think I would faint if I lost that amount! I am hoping to have lost at least 4lbs to take me over the half stone mark (had 1st weigh in after being on plan for 4 days and lost 3.3lbs). Please do not be disappointed that is a fantastic weight loss - remember any loss is a step in the right direction! As others have said try not to compare to other members - our bodies all function differently.
Have a good week

Mini Mouse - extremely well done on your weight loss

Not sure about charcoal tablets but you could call LL HQ to check. I can't see why not though. If it's a no, ask them about other indigestion remedies.

I also get trapped wind at times and it can be painful. I get it if I overdo the water flavours and the chewy bars can cause it too.

You could make iced tea and use that instead of water sometimes...

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