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mistaken for being pregnant :(

hello everyone, im relatively new to this site and on day 10 of SS+(4+milk), and after a set back on tuesday involving steak and wine am doing good, however, coming up to the weekend is when i start craving those types of things the most and i plan to keep strong by reminding myself of the turning point a few weeks ago that made me think, right, im going to lose weight once and for all:

basically, after a day binge eating at work to "comfort" myself, including a massive long white baguette big enough for 2 people, bloated me was on a packed tube on my way home. the guy sat near me was sizing me up, and i realised he was staring at my belly, and then (bless him) he asked tentatively if i needed to sit down. i was a bit confused by the way he asked and the fact he asked and after i replied i was ok, his face was really red, as was mine as i slowly realised he had offered his seat as he thought i might be pregnant.

so im going to keep thinking about that, and how i realised that night that my over eating was gettign out of hand, and action needed taken. and that white bread = pure evil!

have a strong weekend everyone x
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Oh hunny i feel for you! i have had this done to me and it is horrible. Just try and think of it as a reason to carry on with the diet. Hugs to you!!!
Awww not pleasant is it, i had this happen to me too, a lady at work i hadnt seen for a while, ran up to me hugged me and went awwww new baby and touched my tummy lol she was more embarrassed than me when i said "no sorry just fat"

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Aww hun, I had this many years ago and it's not nice is it. :(
Trying to look at the positive.. it means your bigger on the tummy than elsewhere for him to think that, and that'll soon shrink! ;) I always lose from my 'top tummy' as I call it, first :) so if you are the same you'll shrink loads soon :)

Great thing is.. you're making changes - just gotta remember that when the bagettes n' steak come knocking on your door! lol


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This happened to me in the supermarket a couple of years ago - I picked up my box of groceries and the checkout girl said "you shouldn't be picking that up in your condition" - I was mortified! :cry:I have very narrow hips and small bum and carry all my weight at the front so I can understand why people thought this.

However, since I started CD a few weeks ago I've lost five inches off my waist, which I can hardly believe. (I never had a waist before, lol!) Stick with it - that flobby tummy will go! :)
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awww it is not plesent. That being said I have an 8 month old and I actually weight more now than I did full term with her :(


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awww it is not plesent. That being said I have an 8 month old and I actually weight more now than I did full term with her :(
if it makes you feel better my dd is 4 1/2 and I started cd 8lb heavier than the day I went into have her:rolleyes::copon: (was 14st day dd born)

sorting it out now though!! I weigh what I did the day I went in to have ds now:gen147: haha (12st2ish, was 12st4lb on tues)

haha so yep with you on the pg thing!! still feel I look pg too:(


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I've had it happen more than once and see people look at my tummy all the time as if to say "i think she's preggers"..once was last year, when I was walking back from the docs after hitting my head and I'd lost about 30lbs....someone my dad knows saw me and Mum and said "when are you due?" I'M NOT!!

Like Jaycey I have a small bum and narrow hips so have a huge tum and I hate it!
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I have had that happen too-mainly because I carry a lot of weight on my front.{{{hugs}}}

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