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Mix 2 max??!!

S: 15st8.0lb C: 15st8.0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 37.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I vaguely remember mix 2 match from one of my dealings with sw over the years. Am I right in thinking though that it was about having a red meal for lunch say, and green meal for dinner? If I'm right in my memory I would say it was the beginnings of ee. I personally do ee every day coz I love meat and I love carbs. It works for me and until I stop losing on it I'm sticking to it :)
It's not mentioned anywhere - personally I don't think it's necessary with EE.
Mix 2 Max you had a red or green meal, 2 A's and 2 B's but only snacked on superfree and I thinks syns were at the highest red or green value.

I reckon it's had it's day!
S: 9st13.5lb C: 7st5lb G: 7st6lb BMI: 20.1 Loss: 2st8.5lb(26.16%)
I do Mix2Max quite a lot. I don't like mixing meat and carbs as it bloats me a bit so I'll have a salad with ham/chicken/tuna at lunch and then jacket potato and beans or quorn pasta bolognaise for dinner. I dont tend to snack during the day and any syns I have tend to be the same syn value for red and green i.e. crisps, chocolate, mayo. Breakfast is usually cereal and milk so HEA and HEB and I still get another A & B for later in the day.

I only started SW in Feb and it's not mentioned in the books at all but I read about it on Minimins and a lovely lady at work gave me her Mix2Max/Success Express booklet from when she did SW a couple of years ago.
Thanks guys. I'll stick with a combo of green and EE for the time being then. I love meat and I love carbs, but which is best?????...... Fight!!!! I've been away overseas for a few years so EE is a whole new ball game to me. I am enjoying being able to put chicken in my pasta'n'sauces and savoury rices. Just adds a whole new dimension. I've seen on here that people don't get on with EE because of the limited HEx's but tbh if I want cheese and milk in the same day I go green. Thanks for the advice and look forward to hearing more from you over the coming weeks and months ;)
S: 11st11.5lb C: 10st7lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 21.7 Loss: 1st4.5lb(11.18%)
I do mix2max, officially it's been replaced by EE, I emailed SW to ask them. I did SW about 5 years ago and loved mix2max as I normally go green but have the occassional red meal.

I don't like EE as I like having 4 HEs and I find the 1/3 sf file a bit restrictive. So I still do mix2max as it worked for me 5 years ago so no reason it shouldn't again, in fact I've list 9.5 lb in 7 weeks :)

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