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Mix a Mousse...YUM!


Team 1 all the way!
Just wanted to say that I have been on CD for 14 wks now and this week I decided to buy mix a mousse. I wish now I had bought it ages ago...the choc mint is amazing...seriously yummy.
For anyone who is not sure about buying this, like I was, go for it, it's delish! xxx
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I totally agree with you... I really like it..
I tried the first one a choc one a few days and wasnt keen then tried strawberry and the bananna and they are yummy!!

How did we live without mix a mousse lol

Enjoy them!!


Team 1 all the way!
Anyone know why my mousse was lumpy today?
I am guessing it was because I realised today that there was a scoop in it- had been using a tea spoon. I put a level scoop in, and now I've got tiny gelatine lumps in my mousse...yuck. Still tastes lovely though .


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I get exactly the same.. it taste weird.. lol at you did not realise the scoop was there..
Why oh why do we get those lumps!!
Perhaps someone will be able to help!! and set us free of those horrible lumps!!
Never had a lump in mine - I shake up the M-A-M in the packet with the shake (shoving a klippit on it to seal it & checking for any holes in the packet - covered the kitchen the first time!) then add to the cold water (I use a 200ml approx so makes it less solid) and blitz it with the stick blender for a count of 70 (I like counting in heffalumps) and never had a lump.... although I may have jinxed it now :rolleyes:


Team 1 all the way!
I didn't have any yesterday or the day before- I think I prob used less mix a mousse stuff, so think it could be that?
BTW, these aren't lumps of shake- no powder- they are gelatine lumps.


keep your water in the fridge - it helps

Tear the top off your pack, add the scoop of mix and shake it all about til mixed, then add to your water. Blend and shove in the fridge.


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i have found that the colder the water you seem to get less lumps dont know if this is coincidence i put a couple of ice cubes in mine and blitz it in the blender then i put mix a mousse in then shake on top and blitz again, I had the toffee and walnut one the other day and sprinkled it with cinnamon had to force myself to slow down when eating it as it was yummy.


Team 1 all the way!
I've been putting cold water from the fridge in to the jug, then putting it in the freezer until it starts to freeze over (as it says in the recipe thread) - then pouring the shake pack & mix a mousse powder, and blending with hand blender for a minute. Then back in fridge for 10 mins to set.
Can I have the mousse on SS? Do I have to wait a few weeks as with the bars to have it?


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Yes you can have it on SS, but think you need to wait like with the bars. Think it's 3wks, but not sure....
Thanks Catseyes x


Team 1 all the way!
I've just made another one and there are NO lumps! I used less mix a mousse and it is yummy, no yucky lumpy bits. It's delicious!


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I think maybe the lumps were caused by not mixing the mousse powder with the pack powder first. The other day I had my pack in a bowl and added the water. I then added the mix-a-mousse - big mistake, it turned all gooey and lumpy. Need to mix the two powders together before adding the water and blitzing with the blender.

I have only tried them last week too. How did I live without it lol. It fills me up so much more too, just like a big bowl of angel delight. I agree - banana and strawberry are the best yyuuummmmyyy.

PS If I could live on mix-a-mousses I could be 6 stone hehe


Team 1 all the way!
Maybe you're right- I did stick the mix a mousse stuff in the pack of shake and shook it around before putting it in the ice-cold water.
Anyway- it was yummy. My friend swears by the cappucino mousse- will try that tomorrow I think. So far, I've only had mint choc and it is delish!

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