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Mix a Mousse

Hi all
Now I'm a bit of an old hand at this diet. I lost 4 stone on this wonderful plan last year and have been faffing around ever since trying to get the last stone off! Good news is that I haven't put an ounce on so that's brilliant but I really need to get my act together and motivate myself and kick the last stone into touch. Personally I think I'm finding it hard because I'm comfy in my size 12's (all I ever wanted to be :)) so the urgency and motivation isn't there even though I just know I would look so much better in the swimwear if I could kick the last stone out. Anyway, I'm rambling........ I thought that I would have a go with the mix a mousse - thought that something new would give me a boost. So in a trotted tonight and mixed it exactly to the instructions on the tub and stuck it in the fridge for 10 minutes. Went in...... looked....... still liquid. Got it out. Back into the jug - added another 1/2 scoop, whisked it back up. Back into the fridge for 10 mins. Kind of a bit moussy at this stage but not what I expected and still a bit runy :confused: I'm soooo disappointed. Is this as good as it gets or is there a secret knack to making a nice "proper" mousse???

Thanks guys ;)
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All hail mixamousse!

I keep a Brita jug in the fridge, so I pour 150ml of that, add a sachet and a scoop of mixamousse and blend the crap out of it for a minute at least, with a hand blender. But I 'play' with the blender (carefully lol), dangling the end just into the top of the mix so it goes blasting out to the sides of the jug, and angling it so it folds loads of air in. I've got the knack now after a few mixture 'escapes', and you can really whip loads of air into the mixture.

Then, I put it into the *freezer* for 10 minutes, not the fridge. I don't think the fridge can cut it for chilling it down in time.

The result: yummy mousse; not quite like a mousse you'd buy from the shop, it's still a nadgers on the side of jelly from the gelatine, but it does the job. I had a mint choc one for my dinner earlier :D
Oh wow! Jim and Cheryl thanks soooo much. Right, tomorrow I'm going to work on my blending technique. Then when I've mastered that I'm going to move up to master the art of the mighty trifle...... am I excited? You bet your sweet life I am!!!!! Can you guess what's for my dinner tomorrow??


Happiness in a shake!
can we have jelly Cheryl? x
WOW!! Give that a go on monday when I get some water flavouring!! x x
u cant have normal jelly.
the jelly i make is made up from water flavouring, colouring (tiny amount) and powdered supercook gelatine .
the whole jelly also adds a pint of water to ur daily intake.:D
I follow the same method as Jim, to the letter. Angle the hand mixer until you get a good 'rolling' whisk - also, mix the dry mousse powder well in with the dry shake mix before adding to the water to reduce the risk of the mouse mix setting into white chewing gummy bits when it hits the water
Love 'em


Happiness in a shake!
Ohh I will have to get some water flavouring and gelatine powder then! Looks fab! x
Thanks Jim and everyone else for the masterclass in mixing and whisking the mousse. All I can say is WOW!!! I have just had the most amazing butterscotch mousse - better than sex (well ...... almost lol). Can't wait to do it all again tomorrow!

Thanks again :)
I've not tried MAM yet but after reading these posts and seeing the trifle pics I'll def be ordering some next week, my mouth is already watering. Thanks guys!
it is literally powdered gelatine pandora.
u wouldnt want it if ur vegetarian.
the main difference is that supercook gelatine is dissolved in hot water so isnt suitable to make the mousses but is fine to make jelly whereas the MAM is blended directly into the shake ( or water and flavouring for jelly) BUT it does make a strange frothy top on jelly which u dont get with supercook.
i find the MAM gr8 for the mousses and the supercook better for the jelly.
Been having the trifle!!!!!! OH MY GOD!!! Fricking beautiful!!!! Thanks for that Cheryl!! x x
Been having the trifle!!!!!! OH MY GOD!!! Fricking beautiful!!!! Thanks for that Cheryl!! x x
glad ur enjoying it charlotte... pretty addictive huh. lol

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