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mix to match

I do mix2max days somedays and enjoy it.
You still have your 2 HEB's and 2 HEA's, each meal can be either red OR green, snacks have to be superfree foods or synned but syns have to be counted at the highest value - so if something is 2 syns on red but 6 syns on green, you must count the highest value. HTH
Yes, Mullers are still free because they are superfree - free on both plans, like eggs, cottage cheese, fruit, veg etc.
e.g if say dinner was red and had syns then you still can count the red syns value not the higher one.
I was told that even if you have a red dinner you still take the higher syn values.
Looks like we've been told different things. Perhaps someone else can help.
Ive done this in the past and if you following red for dinner and you have a full fat sausage you take the red syn for it, if its inbetween meals then you do take the higher value syn. hths :). So you always syn for that meal if not then higher
I'm sorry to say that I still believe that I'm right in saying that it's always the highest syn value, so I'll stick with that when I'm doing mix2max.
Heres the correct info tweety from sw website hun so no confusion

You can have three Mix2Max meals each day. If one of your meals is Superfree (including Healthy Extras), you can still enjoy three Mix2Max meals that day as well! E.g. if you enjoy Weetabix, milk and fresh fruit for breakfast (Superfree!), you can have a Mix2Max lunch, a Mix2Max dinner and a Mix2Max supper if you choose to!
Keeping track of Syns
If you use your Syns within a meal, e.g. a reduced fat thick pork sausage with an Original breakfast, count the Original Syn value (3½ Syns each).
If you enjoy your Syns as a starter, dessert or snack, use the highest Syn value. E.g. on a Mix2Max day, if you’re enjoying the sausage as a snack count the higher Green Syn value – 6½ Syns each.
That's great if it's like that. I can't get on the SW site and only have a very old book which definitely doesn't say that . Perhaps I'll try it and hope it works.
Hi eternity, hope it does work for you, but when i did mix i always forgot about the high rule and maybe when i did it for 2 weeks i didnt shift anything, so i gave up now i found ee so im happy with that, but some days i still throw in one mix a month, good luck with all on mix plan :)
Thanks Jaqui, I do EE most of the time too, but like to throw in the odd red green or mis2max day for the extra cheese:)

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