Mixing Healthy Extras?


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This morning I was going to have two small pieces wartburtons brown bread for my HexB but went I went to the bread bin I only had one slice left.

I had the one slice but was wondering if I could make up the other slice by having one of the small hifi bars (two usually make up a Hexb)

Also was wondering what peoples opinions are are having cheese for your hex a and then having dashing of mile throughout the day for tea, i usually have two teas a day so two dashes which i syn as one each, but was wondering if people thought this may be two much dairy and could affect my loss?

Thanks for any help :)
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Yes you can split/mix your HEXes. And youre definitely not having too much dairy in 2 splashes of milk! I have been known to use all 4 HEXes (on Green) on cheese... :rolleyes:


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Ohhh great. Just trying to be really good this week and trying to identify any thing I could be soil wrong with out realising. I always generally do EE but think I could OD on cheese on green too