mixing hot shakes


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hi guys
starting cd on tuesday,changing from LT.for the past 3 weeks ive only been drinking the chocolate shakes cold.could someone tell me how i can have a hot cd shakes.at the moment im useing a electric blender but i think it would be to dangerous to mix hot water in with the shakes.
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Haha glad you asked this i was about to post asking the best way to make a hot chocolate shake from the mint chocolate packs? I dont have a blender so just wondering whats the best way? If anyone else can also help me on this haha!! Great minds think alike eh <3 xxxx

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Ermm, dont think i should answer this on eh Tash Lol



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I measure out the hot water (400ml - I like along drink) from the kettle into ameasuring jug....add the shake powder....and whizz with a stick/hand blender ( a very good investment and quite cheap)..then pour into a large cup :D

It's not advisable to make hot drinks in the shaker.

I have all my shakes hot :D


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I put the powder into a jug pour on 240mls of boiling water and then blend it with a hand blender (about £5 from Asda/Tesco etc), couple of seconds later it's done, lovely and lump free.


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thanks guys got a hand held one but it works by batteries,also is that the same for the porrage ones.


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HI, I mix it cold then microwave for 1 min, stir then microwave for 30 seconds more -perfect temp and no blending with hot water. Tetras are brill as you can literally empty it into the glass and microwave and I do this lots with the choc one -yum.