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Mixing LL with CD


Slimming for my children
Just for a weekend.
Basically i want to stick to the diet and I am on LL.
I know CD have the tetra packs and it would make the programme so much easier for when i am in holland. Apparently we will have no fridge which will be hard to keep my ice cubes for obvious reasons and i have the shakes with 6 ice cubes so they are nice and thick.

I know its not the norm but just for the weekend do you think i could do CD witht hte tetra shakes.
If so would i have 3 shakes and a LL bar or have a LL bar and two shakes?

Thanks in advance
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I'm not quite sure what you're saying, but CD only let you have one tetra a day if I'm not mistaken (check with a CD person) and also CD meals are 'larger' than LL meals so mixing and matching isn't the best of ideas.

I just had banana shakes and hot chocolate and bars on holiday - I made the shakes with bottled water.


Slimming for my children
oh ok i didnt realise that.
Theres that theory out of the window.
I wish they had the shakes all pre made. would make this programme so much easier to do.
I hope the Vegetable soup is available befroe i go as i know we have a kettle in the room so i could have a hot choc for breakfast and then bar and then the veg soup for dinner just have to find the time to have one in the middle.

Thanks for the reply.
There's no limit to the tetra's you can have per day on CD. The packs are slightly bigger tho and you only get 3 packs a day as a woman unless you are over 5'8". I swapped from LL to CD after 11 weeks and I did mix both types of packs at the start to get them used up...and it made no real difference I don't think. I found the lack of portable diet drinks and the lack of nice bars (tho I know there are new ones now) a real bind on LL which is why I changed over.


Slimming for my children
so say if i got the tetra packs have one for breakfast then have a bar later on and a soup at night and just left the last 4th one just to make sure its only over 3 days so wont need many.

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