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Mixing soups and shakes....


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I have died and gone to heaven!!! Let me explain!
When I am at work, I only have my 'Slim Fast' beaker thingy to mix my shakes in and they never seem to get rid of the lumps no matter how long or how hard I shake. Soups are even worse, I only have a cup and a spoon!! But it doesn't put me off!
I do have one of those tiny little battery operated whisk things but find that to be of not much use at all.
Anyway...yesterday I nabbed my Mums hand blender and WoW...what a difference. Not only does it get rid of all the lumps, it seems to double in quantity too, fantastic!
Unfortunately, I can't use this at work but at least I can have 2 decent 'meals' a day!
Tonight I am going to use my big blender and mix some ice into a strawberry shake...I'm sooo excited!! lol
Small thing please small minds and all that!!!

So how do you mix yours?

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I always use a blender stick. Hows about taking a tetra to work instead?:confused:
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I use a Braun stick blender for soups and porrige amd a Hinari Genie (bit like the magic bullet) for thick-shakes and mousses. All perfect every time!!


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Hi Sam! I use a stick blender for my soups. For my shakes I put 6 ice cubes in the blender, add 400ml ice cold water then the powder and blend it. The cubes are nearly broken up but it makes a really thick shake that is lovely to drink.
I often take a tetra if I am working - but make sure you drink lots of water with it or you will feel hungry as they are not as filling as the shakes.
The bars are also very filling but again, you need lots of water - I have one small nibble to a couple of mouthfuls of water - then drink a 330 ml bottle of water straight after. I've only just gone onto the bars - but they are LOVELY!!


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kenwood smoothie maker for fab shakes & kenwood frothie for hot lump free shakes & soups.......couldnt get by without them


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Oh you definately need a blender. I have one at work and one at home. They aren't at all expensive and make such a difference.


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for soups i just whisk it in the pan as im heating it up
for shakes i use a kenwood food processer, i make my shakes in to mousse thou


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Stick blender fo rme too, or a tetra bloc if I am out and about!


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I have a smoothie maker for my shakes (hot or cold) and my slush puppies.

I've just bought a milk frother thingy from IKEA to take to work. But i am hopin to get some tetras when I see my new counsellor next week. At the moment I am finishing Weightmatters and have 7 days left.


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Can you take a hand blender? Any sockets anywhere? I know the shakes and soups really are hoorible when they are lumpy and powdery
I used my smoothie maker, but must admit I've started to get abit lazy and tend to stick with tetra's and bars!! You can buy the mixer cups from your CDC, think they cost £4 and have a sieve type thing to stop any lumps getting out as you drink it.



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S: 13st12lb C: 12st6.5lb G: 11st10lb BMI: 25.8 Loss: 1st5.5lb(10.05%)
No I can't take the hand blender to work...health and safety and all that:rolleyes: We weren't even allowed lights on our Christmas tree!! Plus I don't want to draw attention to myself by actually doing it....I can see the comments now...'thats so unhealthy':p

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind it lumpy (hey, its a treat to chew lol!!) and I will eat/do anything to lose weight trust me. I'm not a fussy eater by any standard!
I'm not sure the sieve thing is a good idea, wouldn't you be missing out on valuable nutrition by leaving all the lumps?:D


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